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Daily Meditation for Friday, March 9

Dom Helder Camara, who died on August 27, 1999, will be forever remembered, especially his message that human beings must love one another, a message that he constantly relayed to Christians. “It is very easy at Mass to say, ‘Peace be with you’ to the person standing next to you, but after that, we each […]

Daily Meditation for Thursday, March 8

Now we have entered 2018 with no assurance of what this year will be like. We have entered the UNKNOWN. Well, yes and no. What we do know is that God’s love for us never fails; that God’s graces are new every day and every year and will always be sufficient to get us through […]

Daily Meditation for Wednesday, March 7

“Old is when you give up, until then you are spectacular.” The wise person who said this gives us a new perspective on aging. Untold billions are spent trying to stop or camouflage the physical effects of aging. But, if you haven’t given up, you are already spectacular. So what are the signs that show […]

Take One Step at a Time

Now that we are beginning the third week of Lent, how are you doing on your spiritual journey? For me, the days of Lent start to get harder right about now. I tend to focus on the days that are ahead of me rather than asking myself, “What have I learned about myself since Ash […]

Daily Meditation for Tuesday, March 6

Many of us are aware of the importance of a balanced diet to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Yet obesity has become a national and even international epidemic. Why is this? Can it be that many people are experiencing a hunger which is not being filled? Traditionally, Lent has been a season of fasting, […]

Daily Meditation for Monday, March 5

The lack of snow during the bitterly cold winter months has serious consequences. Low snowfall adds to the danger of serious drought and spring wild fires. Many animals need snow to stimulate development of protective coats of fur. Melting snow provides drink for birds and beasts alike. There is a comforting warming effect of snow […]

Daily Meditation for Friday, March 2

In our day and age, sports are part of everyday life. There is some kind of game going on somewhere almost daily. Newspapers carry a daily update on sports teams across the country. From early age, a child can be part of a team or practice some kind of sport. Sports involve both some kind […]

Daily Meditation for Thursday, March 1

The blast of March winds – they sweep through our lives with great freedom going their own way. Not unlike God’s spirit who plays in our soul. “Have you not heard the rush of tones?” asks Thomas Merton, spiritual writer of our day, in his poem, “The Breath of Nature.” With an awakening voice, we […]

Daily Meditation for Wednesday, February 28

Some years ago, according to Fr. Ed Hayes, in his book A Pilgrim’s Almanac, American “breakfast cereals have undergone a kind of Lent, a reformation” as cereal companies have removed loads of excess sugars, salts and preservatives from some of their cereals in an effort to promote healthy eating. These cereals are now considered natural […]

Sisters Helping Sisters

At Saint Scholastica Convent, the retirement and assisted living facility for the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict in St. Cloud, Minn., sisters respond to Christ’s command that we love and serve one another. The more able sisters regularly reach out to the sisters receiving skilled care. At any time of day, sisters can […]