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New Blog: “A Touch of Spring”

Blog Title: A Touch of Spring Author: Renée Domeier, OSB Spring is here! In today’s blog, S. Renée Domeier invites you to take a walk through the garden and smell the flowers. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday to read new blogs written by sisters, oblates and other monastery friends.

A Touch of Spring

At this point when our calendars mark the spring equinox, the skies are emptying out lots of of snow upon Mother Earth. I also received an email entitled “A Touch of Spring” with the subtitle, “We’re all ready for a bit of spring.” I love snow, but this time the irony was more than I […]

The LIGHT of God’s Presence

Recently I read a commentary on how we can find God in our ordinary places. It made me think a bit about how often I see God among some of the persons I connect with every day. Many of us have been delighted to discover God in familiar or unexpected persons and places. It got […]

New Blog: “The LIGHT of God’s Presence”

Blog Title: The LIGHT of God’s Presence Author: Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck, OSB What negative qualities in your behavior and attitude could use a little transformation? In today’s blog, Sister Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck explores how we can use the qualities in others as a guiding light. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday to read new blogs […]

Girls, God and Good Times (3G) Registration Open

Registration for both sessions of Girls, God and Good Times (3G) summer camp is open! This is a Benedictine camp for girls in grades 4 – 12 where young women pray, do recreational activities, meet and learn about the sisters of Saint Benedict’s Monastery and eat and stay in a residence hall on the College […]

Can We Do More Than Pray?

In a time when our neighbors—both near and far—are affected by injustice and violence…can we do more than pray? As one of the sponsors for Can We Do More Than Pray?, we invite you to join with others who seek to do more than pray as we dig deep into the issue of violence in […]

The Final Judgment

Matthew 25:31-36 – The Final Judgment This passage has always bugged me. Do you have any scripture passages like that? Actually, I very often find these have the most to offer, the most to help me see what I am blind to. First off, there is the king who’s handing out harsh, clear-cut sentences, ruling […]

The Indigenous Peoples Have It Right

The indigenous peoples have it right! Mother Earth has existed primarily to care for her multi-cultured inhabitants since the beginning of creation. But what has happened for centuries, and especially during our present decades and lifetime, must surely make her feel invisible, marginalized, abused, very weary of her children, incapable of continuing on and on, […]

Conscious Eldering: Aging with Intention and Passion

At the end of April, Ron Pevny, the director for the Center of Conscious Eldering, will spend a weekend at Saint Benedict’s Monastery leading a workshop titled Conscious Eldering: Aging with Intention and Passion. This retreat is for people ages 50+ who anticipate their later years to be a deepening life stage of growth, purpose […]