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Benedict’s Wisdom

Due to really difficult issues for me this past year, besides the COVID pandemic, I asked for a two-week vacation time with my family in September. I have never in […]

Not All is Lost

St. Anthony strengthens my belief in God. St. Anthony answers every request I’ve ever pleaded. God is not so quick to answer. Anthony’s answers, each one of them, has made […]

Call Magazine | Fall 2022

The fall 2022 issue of Call magazine is available to read. Call is published annually by the Office of Mission Advancement and celebrates the sisters’ call and commitment to monastic […]

International Day of Peace 2022

The International Day of Peace is observed annually on September 21. This year’s theme is “End racism. Build peace.” The United Nations website says: “The UN General Assembly has declared […]

An Offering of Stability

Making my way into the kitchen brought silence. It’s easy to enjoy the stillness within the confines of stability, predictability—an offering it is. Too quiet, I thought as it wasn’t […]

National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15. According to NHHM’s official website, this month celebrates “the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came […]