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Blessing Quilt

To celebrate my perpetual profession in 1989, I invited community members, family and friends to assist me in making a blessing quilt. Everyone responded to my request and made a quilt square for me. Each quilt square holds a special memory or tells a story unique to the individual who designed it. No two squares […]

“Listen: Does Not Wisdom Call?”

Early in June, a large group of sisters and a small group of oblates were directed in retreat by Mary Stommes, an oblate of Saint Benedict’s Monastery. After a brief introduction on Sunday evening to the theme “Listen: Does Wisdom not Call?”, the schedule for the following week was established. Twenty-five-minute conferences were scheduled at […]

God and Tea Parties

Downsizing is difficult. Some things are easy to part with and others are like an amputation. I just can’t part with my tea set. I had two things that were part of my life before my dad was killed that I managed to take with me to the orphanage. One was my bible and the […]

Sister Ephrem Hollermann Publishes New Book

Sister Ephrem Hollermann recently published a new book titled Like a Mustard Seed: A History of the First Benedictine Women’s Monastery in North America. It is available for purchase in Whitby Gift Shop at the monastery’s Art and Heritage Place. S. Ephrem provided a short description of the book and her experience writing it: “Like a […]

90th Birthday Party for Sister Dennis Frandrup

On Saturday, July 9, the Haehn Museum will host a 90th birthday celebration in honor of Sister Dennis Frandrup, the master artist whose artwork and legacy is the subject of its current exhibit. Join us at the museum from 1–3 p.m. to enjoy birthday cake, view the exhibit, and wish S. Dennis a happy birthday.

Now I Know Where I Wanna Live!

It’s taken a few years now, but I finally know where I want to live. It’s been a question we discuss within our household now and again as it usually pops up about mid-winter. We begin dreaming of living any place but here in the snowy northland. Every so often the rest of the household […]

Praying for An End to Gun Violence

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, the Pentecost, I was invited to attend a special prayer gathering at the St. Joseph Church Rectory lawn. The purpose was to pray for a control of guns to stop the epidemic of killing by guns. What I experienced was a heartbreaking experience of people suffering from the uncontrolled killing […]