Stop and Help

Sometimes when I am in my office, someone may walk in and ask me to help her with a task. It may be a computer tip, which surprises me because I continue to learn new computer skills, considering myself a rookie in technology. Or she may ask for help with the large copier down the hall. Whatever the request is, I have learned to be grateful for the opportunity to help someone. So, when I leave my current task for a moment to help another, I consider the time spent to be a two-way gift; I receive as much as I give.

At the same time, it encourages me to ask for help when I need it. Many years ago, I was assisting a sister with morning cares at Saint Scholastica Convent. I felt we were doing okay when someone popped her head in the door to ask if we needed help, and I said, “No, we are okay.” Wrong choice of words; the sister I was helping said to me before the door shut, “Never say no when someone offers to help you.” The other person stayed, and with a chuckle, we finished up the one-person task. So now, depending on the situation, I am eager to say, “Yes.” Being on both sides of either giving or receiving brings me great joy.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: Sister Jonathan Herda (right) with one of our faithful nursing staff members, taken by Sister Carleen Schomer