Spending Time With the Gospel of Matthew

During the church year 2019–2020, beginning with the first Sunday of Advent, most of the Sunday gospel selections are from the Gospel of Matthew. Join Sister Margaret Michaud on Tuesday, January 7, to learn background information on Matthew that will help you in your reading, reflecting and relishing of this Gospel.


We, the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minn., are a monastic community of women who seek God in our daily lives according to the Gospel and the Rule of Benedict. Through our ministry of prayer, work and community living, we listen and respond to the needs of the Church and the world.

Message from the Prioress

“… when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving others with God’s own love and concern.” St. (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta

Advent is a time of waiting and hope. Christ is coming into the world, the whole world. That means we shouldn’t wait selfishly. Warm your heart to receive the Christ Child by paying attention to the needs of others, far and near. Maybe you are called to be active in finding ways to welcome immigrants and refugees, minister to those who are cold and homeless, or to say a kind word to a lonely neighbor. There are so many ways to warm our hearts. Let’s pray that we are open to recognizing them this Advent.

Susan Rudolph, OSB



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Our primary work is prayer, and we include the petitions we receive in our daily prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours. We also post prayer requests on a community bulletin board seen by the sisters every day. Fill out the request form to let us know how we can hold you in prayer.

Daily Meditation for December 13, 2019

We are in the winding-down season of the year. Summer plans did or didn’t turn out, the glorious fall colors have faded away, school days have become routine, winter hovers right around the corner. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do/ With your one wild and precious life?” asked poet Mary Oliver. Our wild and precious lives have a way of becoming daily, repetitive and—even though busy—boring. To prevent this, we need to have a plan. What do you really want to accomplish, not just this week, but in your lifetime? What could others recognize as your passion? What is God calling you to do, to make the world around you better? What wild thing have you always wanted to do?

By Mary Jackle, OSB