Mother Benedicta Riepp Award

The Sisters of the Order of the Saint Benedict are seeking nominations for the 2018 Mother Benedicta Riepp Award. This award, named after our foundress, was established to honor a lay woman who has a relationship with the sisters and exemplifies Benedictine and Gospel values in her daily life. Do you know someone who fits the bill? Send us a nomination!


We, the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minn., are a monastic community of women who seek God in our daily lives according to the Gospel and the Rule of Benedict. Through our ministry of prayer, work and community living, we listen and respond to the needs of the Church and the world.

Message from the Prioress

“Everlasting is God’s love” was the theme I chose at the time of my installation as prioress in June 2017. As we journey through the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost, the truth of that statement is something to hold in our hearts. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are acts of profound love, but they do not occur simply as a “once only” in time. The love God showed to us truly is everlasting.

Throughout these 50 days, the sisters will continue to pray for the prayer requests you have shared. We are privileged to hold you and your intentions in prayers.

Susan Rudolph, OSB


Mother Benedicta Riepp Award

The Sisters of the Order of the Saint Benedict are seeking nominations…

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Prayer Requests

We would like to hear from you!

Our primary work is prayer, and we include the petitions we receive in our daily prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours. We also post prayer requests on a community bulletin board seen by the sisters every day. Fill out the request form to let us know how we can hold you in prayer.

Daily Meditation for April 19, 2018

Whenever we say the Lord’s Prayer, we pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Have you ever thought about why we pray for bread?  Bread comes from the earth, the seed, the ground, the rain, the sun.  Clearly part of God’s creation.  Bread is also the result of human activity, the work of the sowers, the reapers, the bakers.  Bread is often referred to as “the staff of life.”  It symbolizes everything that is needed for a person to live and to flourish, to have a life with meaning.  When we enjoy bread, we are benefiting from the abundance of God’s gifts and also from the service of our sisters and brothers in the human family.  This nourishment makes it possible for us to engage in our daily work for our families, our country and our world.  We enjoy our bread with grateful hearts.

by  Margaret Michaud, OSB