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Life of a Live-In Volunteer

I am a Benedictine Live-In Experience volunteer. What a mouthful. Usually the title gets shortened to “live-in volunteer,” although “Jack of All Trades” or “all over the place” also fit. […]

Taking a Moderate Risk

Recently, the monastery has had some cases of COVID. We’re all vaccinated and boosted, no one has so far been seriously ill, and it’s not as if a lot of […]

Wind Chimes

I had just finished a long walk in our woods and was sitting on a bench in a small shelter on the prairie. I heard what sounded like a bell […]

A Tale of Grace

On my way to Saint Benedict’s for our annual Oblate Renewal Day, I drove from Tennessee to Minnesota. The road construction was like none I had ever experienced. All through […]


If anyone was afraid of getting COVID, it was me. I actually thought that if I got it, I would not survive. Usually, I am a fairly obedient person. By […]

Herman (Stella) Tschida, OSB

Herman (Stella) Tschida, OSB Saint Benedict’s Monastery St. Joseph, Minn. November 15, 1926­­ ­– October 22, 2022 The Eucharist of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, […]


The playground was all hers. From the cooking fires, to the well, to the watching of the neighborhood comings and goings, joy abounded within. Twas all pure delight as the […]