Entries by Amanda Hackett

Visio Divina of Life

As a Benedictine Live-In Experience volunteer, I have many departments I serve in, including at Saint Scholastica Convent, the sisters’ retirement center, just down the road in St. Cloud. One […]

Connecting With You

The fall leaves glisten—reflective upon the lake this crisp morning. Being tucked away in the stillness awaiting that which is to come—the momentary pause breathes life. “Behold, I make all […]

Life of a Live-In Volunteer

I am a Benedictine Live-In Experience volunteer. What a mouthful. Usually the title gets shortened to “live-in volunteer,” although “Jack of All Trades” or “all over the place” also fit. […]

Taking a Moderate Risk

Recently, the monastery has had some cases of COVID. We’re all vaccinated and boosted, no one has so far been seriously ill, and it’s not as if a lot of […]

Wind Chimes

I had just finished a long walk in our woods and was sitting on a bench in a small shelter on the prairie. I heard what sounded like a bell […]