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A Day in the Life of Blue Bonnet

Blue Bonnet is a facility dog at Shoedair Children’s Hospital in Helena, Mont., where Sister Trish Dick works as a spiritual counselor with children who have undergone extreme trauma. Welcome to a day in the life of Blue Bonnet, told through Blue Bonnet’s eyes! First of all, I sleep on my favorite old couch. It […]


I was inspired, today, by Nancy Dallavalle’s reflection, “Missing the Messenger” (Give Us This Day, 4/ 27), and by Pope Francis’ invitation to “gaze on migrants and refugees” (Journey, spring 2019). First, Nancy! Her message is basically that our invitation to share the Good News with others may be difficult because we see it as […]


My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the Lord. As a small child growing up in southern California, we would take trips between Santa Ana and San Diego. Shortly before we would get to the Pacific Ocean, we would pass Mission San Juan de Capistrano, best known for its swallows “always” returning […]

The Waiting Game

To get caught in the waiting game is never fun for me; how about you? Recently, after logging into a webinar, I had to wait for the program to begin. So how did I use this precious time of waiting? I tried to be in the moment and enjoy the environment around me. So, as […]

Oodles of Doodles

Almost everyone doodles, right? Remember trying to stay awake for that long and boring lecture and thinking that if you try making designs out of some of the letters, that may keep your eyes open? Remember when taking notes turning them into patterns of nothingness? Remember having to wait and wait and wait for a […]

Easter Dandelions

LIMITED TIME OFFER 50% OFF FIRST APPLICATION! No! Wait! Please! On our Emmaus Walk one year, Sam proposed dandelions replace Easter lilies. “No!” I was aghast. In fifteen minutes, he had me convinced. Bending over, he picked a dandelion, held it under my chin, smiling broadly. “Here, you do it.” I laughed. He had to […]

Job Opportunities: Certified Nursing Assistants

We have opportunities for certified nursing assistants to join our team of dedicated and compassionate caregivers in serving our sisters at Saint Scholastica Convent. Nursing assistants provide home care tasks assigned by the home care coordinator and RN case managers and provide direct personal care and health-related services to sister residents, including, but not limited […]