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The Pillar of Salt

Often when women get together to discuss Scripture, amazing ideas emerge. A group of women students were meeting. Here is some of what was said: Molly began: It’s so simple. I was thinking about that Lot story. You know, the one where Lot is told to take his family out of Sodom because everyone was […]

Gratefulness After the Fact

For many years, I resented the fact that while growing up, my parents expected me, as well as my brothers and sister, to do so many chores around our home setting. We had to hoe in the trees and orchard, keeping the weeds out; mow the lawns; weed the garden, pick the garden produce and […]

2019 Mother Benedicta Riepp Award

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2019 Mother Benedicta Riepp Award is Sheila Nelson! This award, named after our foundress, is awarded annually to a woman who exemplifies Benedictine and Gospel values in her daily life, and Sheila Nelson has done just this. Her advising, encouraging and mentoring College of Saint […]

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Is there anyone among my readers who recalls Eddy Arnold’s tear-jerking lyrics: “Have I told you lately that I love you? Could I tell you once again somehow?” Those two lines run musically through my mind too often to be meaningless! I want to revive them! I want to make a difference where I live, […]

Julian of Norwich, A Saint for Today

Sixty years ago, an old Benedictine monk spoke of God in a way I had never heard before: “Christ is your mother.” He was quoting Dame Julian, a 14th-century woman. “Christ loves you as only a mother can love. God enfolds you in Her love. Like the hazel nut. God created it. God sustains it. […]


It’s strange how often a message can repeat itself until it finally receives the attention it is inviting. Recently, a friend described what she learned when she chose to tour a facility that provided housing for persons living with Alzheimer’s disease. The facility was called the Sanctuary. Before the person giving the tour began, she […]

Look for Miracles

We have a small, unassuming cabin in the woods on a lake. Surrounding the lake are neighbors we have come to know over the years. While we see each other infrequently, we cherish the time we do spend with them. One of these neighbors became ill with a viral infection, brain swelling, seizures and was […]