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Daily Meditations

Our team of writers are going to take a break for the summer. Some will be vacationing and seeing new sights; others will have leisure time with family and friends; […]

The Guest House

When I was at Saint Benedict’s Monastery recently, I stayed in the “new” guest house (Walburg). However, it was the Guest House, recently demolished, that called to me. I found […]

Airport Miracles

Weather was the main topic of conversation on the news and in the grocery stores these past weeks. It affected everything from heat and light to travel and miracles. Yes, […]

Our Rock of Salvation

The image of God as a rock is often used in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. More than 20 psalms speak of God as our rock. A rock can symbolize […]


Staging for Scenes: Water bugs become dragonflies, so says the story intended to console the children when their five-year-old friend died. In the tale, a water bug could not keep […]