Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 03-27-2017

Author: Owen Lindblad, OSB

Are you on alert for the first signs of spring? Oh, it’s true, we may have thought it was earlier since we had such warm days even in February but you can’t fool Mother Nature! These things take time: the sweet notes of arriving song birds, the swelling of lilac buds, longer, brighter days. Time is of the essence for full perfection. Can we wait? We get impatient with ourselves and think we are not making progress in our spiritual lives. We look for signs. But like the new blossoms and buds in nature which can’t ‘grow themselves’ (growth and mysterious beauty come from roots sunk deep within nutritious mother earth), so with us. Our ‘roots’ are sunk deep in God who works mysteriously and quietly within us. And in God’s own time makes us beautiful within and without. Are there signs? Oh, yes.

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