Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 01-20-2017

Author: Ruth Feeney, OSB

At the beginning of a new year, we like to think about our plans and goals. We make resolutions to change what needs changing. We expect to have control of our lives and to maintain what we have accomplished. But why should we not expect interruptions? The kind that stops time and alters next steps, changing everything as it used to be. Who can protest the erosion of “normalcy” when something arouses seismic shifts? How is the eruption of shock to be received except in waiting upon God? It is the way of Divine Love coming in, however expansive or small the scope, of half dark, half-light Presence. In an appointed time the overshadowing of God casts light and favoring upon the beloved. Jesus experienced this, so do we. If the fearsome stalks and the startling shakes us, God will overshadow again, dispersing the darkness just in time!

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