Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 10-30-2014

Author: Josue Behnen, OSB

The painting in the museum portrayed looking out from the shade of a mountain. A brown road comes down a hill to an old white house and two small buildings in a valley. A white picket fence frames the house. Behind the house is a field of golden wheat, and behind that field a grove of trees with the most beautiful autumn colored leaves, just like the ones standing here and there, in central Minnesota this time of year. Nature is generous each year, in every season, if one has the eyes to see. Seeing takes noticing, paying attention, becoming aware of what is around us. This means being quiet long enough to allow what is around to enter in a bit to move the heart. This results in a sense of gratitude!! All of a sudden, we are not only grateful for trees and golden fields, but even the blue sky and the air we breathe. Take a deep breath!

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