Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 12-19-2014

Author: Colleen Haggerty, OSB

“You will do this NOW!” Is this word, “Now,” a memory of your mother’s voice or what you just said to your children a moment ago? It is no secret that we are beginning a new year of life as we move into 2015. Does it seem that time is moving along at a faster pace these days, weeks, months and years? How can we live in the NOW time when our minds and hearts are always remembering yesterday or planning for tomorrow? This does not refer to the “Now” generation of instant gratification of our wants in life, but rather suggests that we cherish each of life’s moments. That we live each day fully because it is the only day we have. To live the present moment, the NOW moment of life, is a challenge for the best of us. Let us say “yes” and treasure each day.

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