Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 11-24-2014

Author: Michon Lanners, OSB

Looking out the window, it was obvious that the activity occurring around the squirrel, was an indication that preparations for winter were being made. The air was chilly and the sky gray. As seasons change, so do each of us. Change demands letting go and an openness to the new that is before us. It is easy to cling to the familiar, to want to stay in the comfortable. How can one prepare for the changes that will happen? As we move into the winter of our lives, what preparations will help to make the change a little easier? Is there a tendency to cling to the familiar and comfortable or, like the squirrel, can one gather the strength and courage to face one’s winter? May every season of our lives be filled with surprises that help us become our best selves.

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