Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 10-21-2014

Author: Owen Lindblad, OSB

Saints and angels have graced our days these weeks. Saint Francis, the little humble man, is often found in gardens and among birds and animals. His love was gentle and compassionate not unlike the present Pope Francis’ whose compassionate love reaches out to everyone and everything especially to the most frail and most unloved. Angels are everywhere including cemeteries. They not only watch over the deceased but follow little children in their daily work and play. Have you not wondered when something extraordinarily good happens that an angel has been involved? They come in all shapes and sizes from your helpful neighbor to a stranger who opens a door for you with a smile. God is present in everyone, everywhere. We are God’s prized possessions on our journey through life and are blessed with saints and angels at our sides.

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