Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 12-02-2016

Author: Ruth Feeney, OSB

The woman was amazing. Even with a large household she always made room for more. There was the weekend when 4 cheerleaders couldn’t get back home in a blizzard. The crowded house found room for the guests. Then there were boys who should have been finding jobs or getting settled independently but had nowhere else to turn. The welcoming mother took them in for several weeks. A story is told that when checking beds at night she’d see that her many children were accounted for and then made sure that the company was also settled comfortably somewhere. Mothers have a way of adapting and including. There’s room for company and the outsider. The meal stretches to include whoever shows up at table. This hospitality begs for our attention today when neighbors are good people whose background and ethnicity differ from our own. They may not be looking for accommodations or even a meal, but do look for welcome. We can find a way.

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