Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 10-01-2014

Author: Joyce Iten, OSB

James Lawrence, an American naval officer was born on this day in 1781. James Lawrence, is remembered in history for a very famous quotation. While his ship was under attack by a British frigate on June 1, 1813, he shouted out to his men, “Don’t give up the ship!” So today is known as “Don’t’ Give Up the Ship Day.” If the ship you are on seems to be in danger of sinking, whether it is your place of employment, your business, a marriage, or your spiritual or physical life, hold fast with a heart filled with courage. Don’t give up the ship – don’t abandon it till it’s no longer possible to stay with it. Use what time and energy, faith and courage you have right now trying to save it.

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