Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 02-24-2017

Author: Mara Faulkener, OSB

Every day news media bring us stories of the best and the worst we humans are capable of. One day a newborn baby was left in a church vestibule. The people who rescued the little guy surrounded him with practical care and comfort. As they said, they wanted his desperate mother to know that a loving community welcomed her baby. That same day, a circle of young people taunted and tortured a man with disabilities, making a video of their hateful actions. Meanwhile, in Syria, government bombs turned homes and hospitals into rubble. Even before the bombs stopped falling, white-helmeted civilians, armed only with courage, listened for faint cries. With every rescue, they raised a prayer of thanks to God. Hope walks the hard road between these extremes, demanding protest against whatever or whoever will not let life be, and unwavering commitment to the possibility of a peaceful world, where every child is born into a loving community.

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