Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 10-24-2014

Author: Colleen Haggerty, OSB

Most of us know the Scripture story of the ten lepers, and that only one came back to thank Jesus for healing him! Who are the lepers in our society today? Who heals us of our leprosy? In our daily and busy lives, do we try to be healers of those who are suffering, those without a roof over their heads or food to eat? Do we take our daily blessings for granted so that we become gratitude-starved? Those in the service industry are now placing emphasis on saying, “Thank you for coming.” Let us strive to be like them expressing gratitude for the gifts of our daily life. Children are among our greatest gifts so give them a hug today. Thank your spouse, friend, co-worker or neighbor for the ordinary gifts they bring into your life. Be the one to come back and give thanks!

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