Daily Meditations

Photos by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Date: 03-27-2015

Author: Karen Rose, OSB

I am a sinner. God loves me. What lies between those two statements? As we go through life we experience many blessings, but we also have to be honest and say that, even if we are basically good people, we say harsh words, misjudge others; we hurt them sometimes, even hurt ourselves. In other words we are sinners. Yet Christ teaches us that God loves us beyond what we do, beyond the messes we make in our lives. Does that mean that it’s okay just to carry on as usual? No! Knowing that, flawed as we are, God loves us, must call forth in our hearts a reciprocity which moves us to become more loving people. Sometimes this means moving out of our comfort zone because, if we answer the call to love as God loves, we have to try to love people who are maybe not obviously very loveable because, like us, they are sinners.

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