Rosa Li

Rosa Li

I wonder if our Taiwanese sister ever sleeps. One sees her early and late, at age 90, mind you!

Her writings tell me…

From little on upward
She worked hard
Obviously motivated by family need
By God, too
And her many skills.

She observes, listens, responds;
“but I’m slow,” she adds.

Her cross? Language, communication
Yet she smiles
Through it all!

S. Rosa is a searcher…
for God
for relationship
for learning.

She is an artist,
a writer
a missionary.

Don’t underestimate S. Rosa!

Above all, she listens to God
Who holds on to her,
As she does to their relationship.

It’s communion and communication

In a passage of her autobiography, S. Rosa refers to the foundational truth of her life: “God was with me step by step.” During World War II, she was witness to two bombings as well as that of the Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy and met the bomber who, later, became a monk at Saint John’s Abbey.

S. Rosa exclaims: “Things that are good and successful are directed by God, STEP BY STEP! I thank the Holy Spirit for leading me. I feel I am very special and so fortunate for having met this amazing person in my Life’s experience. It was so incredible a thing for me! I cherish such a marvelous God who works in me!

How can I not cherish Him?
How can I ignore Him?
How can I not love Him?
How can I not seek to follow Him?

Almighty God, You are my Everything! I praise You; I give You thanks for Your great glory my whole lifelong! In all things may You be glorified!”

Profile written by Renée Domeier, OSB