Ansgar (Agnes) Willenbring, OSB

The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on…
February 14, 2009/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Linnea (Eleanore Mary) Welter, OSB

The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 3:30 p.m.…
December 22, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Nancy (Linus) Hynes, OSB

The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10:30 a.m.…
December 15, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Jeremy (Evelyn) Hall, OSB

Sister Jeremy (Evelyn) Hall , OSB, (90) St. Joseph July 20, 1918…
November 15, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Marie (Cuthbert) Zwilling, OSB

Sister Marie (Cuthbert) Zwilling, 102
St. Joseph
May 6, 1906…
November 5, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Cassian (Florence) Peters, OSB

Sister Cassian (Florence) Peters St. Joseph November 10, 1922…
October 18, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Frances (Henry) Borgerding, OSB

Sister Frances (Henry) Borgerding, OSB St. Joseph November 1,…
October 16, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Etienne (Mary) Flaherty, OSB

Sister Etienne (Mary) Flaherty, OSB St. Joseph August 18, 1922…
August 28, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Delice (Genevieve) Bialke, OSB

Sister Delice (Genevieve) Bialke
St. Joseph, Minnesota
July 24, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Mary Monica (Monica) Zierden, OSB

Sister Mary Monica (Monica) Zierden, OSB
St. Joseph, Minnesota
July 6, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Lea Aydt, OSB

Sister Lea Aydt, OSB St. Joseph, Minnesota August 14, 1910 –…
January 27, 2008/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Kristin Malloy, OSB

Sister Kristin Malloy, OSB St. Joseph, Minnesota February 4,…
September 20, 2007/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Michelle (Irma) Schumacher, OSB

Sister Michelle (Irma) Schumacher, OSB St. Joseph April 20, 1926…
September 6, 2007/by SaintBenedictMonastery

Nivelle (Lucina) Berning, OSB

Sister Nivelle (Lucina) Berning, OSB, 91 St. Joseph, Minn. April…
August 2, 2000/by SaintBenedictMonastery