My Testament, My Creed

This creed was written by Sister Margaret Mandernach in 1984. It is a summation of what she believes is the basis of her life.

I believe: God as source of my life. I came from Him (Her) and will go back to Him.

I believe: God sent Jesus to me as a friend, a lover, a guide to show me the way.

I believe: The Gift Jesus left behind is His Spirit who will draw forth from within my potential, my creativity, my uniqueness if I allow myself to be open to it.

I believe: All creation, persons, experiences have been touched by God’s goodness, making the secular-sacred and the sacred-secular-heaven in earth, earth in heaven.

I believe: Persons are the greatest gifts, each having their own set of potential, own gifts.

I believe: In love—an appropriate response to the goodness and love given to me.

I believe: In service—an appropriate response to building up this beautiful earth.

I believe: In joy, laughter, peace.

I believe: The pain, suffering, struggle are all a part of the becoming process.

I believe: In death as a final becoming of who I am meant to be.

Margaret Mandernach, OSB