Social Justice

All God’s people are our sisters and brothers who deserve to live in a just and peaceful world. Membership in Christ means taking responsibility for the betterment of these lives. The Sisters of Saint Benedict’s Monastery take a variety of approaches to this trust. The World Justice/New Jubilee Committee spearheads action and information enabling the entire community to promote equity and peace.

A few examples of our involvement include:


  • Demonstrations for peace, rallying to bring the troops home and awareness of the impact of war,
  • Membership in GRIP (Great River Interfaith Partnership), in which local Catholic and Protestant churches share information and strategize to strengthen causes like affordable housing, a living wage and just funding for public education,
  • Benedictines for Peace, a voluntary group within the community, lobbies on behalf of the poor and unjustly targeted persons and groups. At their most recent meeting, the group followed up a community presentation about human sex trafficking by Noelle Volin. A sub-group of three Sisters and a lay woman are working on education and possilbe action toward eliminating this crime. Visit our blogsite (accessed from the home page) and read S. Renee Domier's February 12, 2013, blog to read more about this issue,
  • Pax Christi, in which Sisters and laypersons cooperate, affiliated with Pax Christi International, in which works for peace and justice on the local level and beyond,
  • New Beginnings, aiding unmarried pregnant women, through their pregnancy and beyond, to facilitate a happier and more balanced approach to life and parenting,
  • Common Ground Garden and individuals contributing healthful food to the poor of the area.
  • Building affordable homes for well deserving families through Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity


  • Collaboration with the justice committee of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minn., meeting to select issues and strategize the promotion of justice, currently focusing on the preservation and fair use of water resources,


  • Prison and jail ministry involves individual Sisters corresponding with the incarcerated, public prayer for persons facing the death penalty and lobbying against the death penalty,
  • Writing postcards to Congress on behalf of hunger-related issues selected by Bread for the World,
  • Lobbying for more just wages and working conditions for workers in fast-food industries,
  • Support of the Benedictine Peace Statement opposing the war,
  • Involvement in the East-West Dialogue to deepen international understanding,
  • Attendance at regional and national conferences for peace and justice,
  • Membership in Catholics Confront Global Poverty, a partnership between Catholic Relief Services and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to form a network of 1 million Catholics advocating against poverty throughout the world,
  • Membership of NRCAT, organization of religious congragations opposing torture,
  • Collaborating with other Benedictines through the Conference of Benedictine prioresses to oppose gun violence in our society.
  • Open letter, June 2017, pledging the sisters' continued support for the Paris climate agreement.

Other Ministries

The Sisters of Saint Benedict have always ministered to the people in the area. They answered a call to come to America and teach the children of the European settlers. As women of the church, the Sisters shared this common goal and wished to provide religious and secular education for subsequent generations of Minnesota children. The primary need for education soon evolved into many other, and sometimes unforeseen, ministries.