Our Share Partners

We are very excited to partner with other local food producers to provide additional products as part of your weekly pick-up at the garden. Currently, we offer a bread share, egg share and meat share. We know our partners and their operations because they are our neighbors: Tim Kuebelbeck of Rainbows Farm, Travis Harjes of Backwards Bread Co. and Don and Cheri Sauerer of DCBL Acres. Read more about each of these shares below:

Backwards Bread Co.

Each week, members will receive a different type of bread at the discretion of the bakery.  Bread will rotate between the following varieties.

Whole Wheat
Walnut, Date, Cinnamon Whole Wheat
Olive and Garlic Whole Wheat
Sourdough Rye with Caraway
Sweet Apple, Cinnamon, Raisin
Cheddar Cheese, Chive and Garlic

Rainbow Farm


Rainbow Farm is a local farm owned by Tim Kuebelbeck. Tim raises free-range, naturally-grown chickens just a few miles from the garden. A change for the egg subscription: an egg share runs for 15 week through September, NOT the entire garden season.

DCBL Acres


DCBL Acres is owned and run by Don and Cheri Sauerer and we are very excited to partner for the first time this season.


From Don and Cheri: "Our 227 acres, crops, pastures, produce, herbs, and canned goods are certified organic. Our animals are raised on our pastures and fed crops grown and harvested on our farm. Our beef and lamb are 99% grass fed. Although grains are not part of our cattle and sheep daily diets, we find our animals enjoy a handful of certified organic grains on occasion. Our chickens are raised cage-free in an environment that allows for natural bird behaviors such as nesting, perching, and dust bathing, all of which are important to healthy habits for birds. Our pastures and crops are planted with certified organic seeds (non-GMO). Our hay is harvested using the old fashioned method of cutting and allowing for drying in the fields by the rays of the sun for several days before baling (no preservatives or drying chemicals). Our meats are processed at a local meat market."


Meat Shares will be delivered once a month during vegetable distribution time, and subscribers can choose to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, 4 months or 5 months.


A Half share will include 10 lbs of meat: 1 chicken, 2 pounds of ground beef, 4 pounds of a variety item.


A Full share will include 20 lbs of meat: 2 chickens, 4 pounds of ground beef, 8 pounds of a variety item.


Variety items could include: Beef Roast, Chuck Roast, Beef Stew Meat, Steak, Beef Patties, Rip Pork Chops, Ham Steak, Pork Roast, Smoked Sausage, Brats, Breakfast Links, Ground Chicken, Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast, Ground Lamb or Lamb Stew Meat.