Common Ground Garden

The Common Ground Garden is a community garden that includes a CSA, volunteer opportunities, newsletter, educational events (pickling, cheese-making, eating locally on a budget, etc.), individual garden plots, and sales at the St. Joseph Farmers' Market. We are committed to supporting the St. Joseph Food Shelf and the St. Cloud Catholic Charities Food Pantry. We pride ourselves on producing fresh, clean, healthful food picked at the peak of flavor and nutrition. We use cover crops, rotations, compost and ingenuity to produce your food in a way that's healthier for you and healthier for the community. While we are not certified organic, we do not use chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

Mission of the Common Ground Garden

Common Ground Garden will build community around the production of high quality, chemical free fruits and vegetables in as sustainable a manner as possible. Within this work, Common Ground Garden will work to inspire and educate the community in the value of locally and sustainably produced food.


Common Ground Garden’s values are inspired by the values of the Benedictine community, particularly including environmental stewardship, spiritual connections through our relationships with others, and the sustainability of these values through our work.

Contact Infomation

Kate Ritger, Production Manager .................................. 262-339-7737

The easiest and most immediate way to be in touch is to call Kate Ritger.