Mission Advancement 

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we recall all of you who have helped us by supporting our monastic life and our ministries. Your gifts affirm us in our mission to serve others as we live out our monastic call. We thank you and praise God for your generosity!

We invite your continued support all year long. Many people regularly give gifts of time and money. Some provide us with gifts of goods or services. Learn about planned giving.

You may request that your gift be used for one of the following purposes:

The Sisters of Saint Benedict have a history spanning more than 150 years in Central Minnesota. Their purpose is to seek God through prayer and ministry to others as they live the Rule of St. Benedict.

The Sisters now concentrate their outreach to meet the emerging needs of the 21st century, needs that are primarily those of spirituality and social justice. These services and spiritual ministries are not self-sustaining and are, as in the past, subsidized by the Sisters and their donor-partners.

If you have questions about ways to support the Benedictine Sisters, please contact Karen Rose, OSB, at (320) 363-7142 or send an e-mail at

Vision Statement:

The office of Mission Advancement, invites our constituents to invest their resources in the ministries of the monastic community for the purpose of enhancing the lives of others.