Please Note: The Haehn Museum is now closed while a new exhibition is being created. It will reopen in spring 2017.

About the Haehn Museum

The museum is home to nearly 4,000 artifacts, dating back to 1857, which document the lives and ministries of the Sisters of Saint Benedict. Exhibits capture and portray the strong cultural, social and religious influence the Benedictine Sisters have had in their ministries locally, statewide, nationally and internationally, both past and present.

Regular Hours:

  • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday
  • 1 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Visits outside regular hours are arranged as requested.
For more information, call 320-363-7098 or 320-363-7100

*Please Note* The Haehn Museum wil be closed from December 24, 2016, until April 2017. Check this page for details about the upcoming exhibition.


Since the opening of the Art and Heritage Place, visitors have come from all 50 United States and from approximately 60 countries. Most of the visitors are from Minnesota who find they learn something new about the Sisters and the monastery with each visit. School groups, college classes, adult groups, organizations and individuals are welcome. Visits outside regular hours are arranged as requested. Come, join us!


Click here for information on current and past exhibitions.

Role of Museums

Exhibitions in museums may have multiple outcomes. At the least, they raise the level of awareness in the visitor. Hopefully the visitor will come to a greater appreciation regarding the subject matter. Ultimately, it would be wonderful if visitors found themselves committing in some way to a cause greater than themselves. People are led to visit museums as a social event, for entertainment and relaxation, to experience something unique or to experience something familiar which draws on past experience. Why do you visit museums? Next time you see a museum, stop in and see how you may be affected by what you see and experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers provide hospitality in the lobby of the Art and Heritage Place. Volunteers welcome visitors, invite them to view the exhibition or visit the gift shop and sign the guest book. They assist the museum staff by tallying number of visitors and periodically invite visitors to participate in the survey which the staff conducts. This and other volunteer opportunities are coordinated through the Volunteer Office which can be reached at 320-363-7105 or 7100.