Daily Meditation for June 2, 2021

Lisa was caught off guard as she said aloud to a friend, “My mom’s scent is on this sweater.” The sweater had been given to her on a recent trip home, and only now was she wearing it for the first time. It pleased Lisa that she recognized her mother’s scent on the sweater. The memory she recalled was pleasant, and Lisa thought of both her parents. The aroma not only brought her parents to mind; it also filled her with deep gratitude for who they had been and are in her life. Lisa thought of their living example and all they had taught her and continue to teach her today. With Mother’s Day recently passed and Father’s Day fast approaching, Lisa is grateful for the love and support she receives from her parents. A simple scent is all it took for her to be flooded with happy memories. What scent may recall a happy memory for you today?

By Lisa Rose, OSB