Last August, I helped pack up my sister’s belongings as she…
February 4, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

Saving Earth

Like a comet across the sky, or an explosion of shooting stars,…
January 30, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

Driving While Female

“Driving while female” was the charge against Manal al-Sharif…
January 28, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

Eucharist in a Different Context

This may seem a bit unorthodox for all who celebrate Eucharist…
January 23, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

Buying My First Pair of Jeans

Shortly after Vatican Council II, when nuns were allowed to wear…
January 21, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

Praying Attention

“It came upon a midnight clear…the glorious songs of old.”…
January 16, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

A Different Kind of Christmas

A question that continues to pursue me is: How do we resist the…
January 14, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

Matron Saint

I had never thought of it before. I was speaking to an oblate…
January 9, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

Pro-Life It

As we begin the new year, 2020, I am reminded of a conversation…
January 7, 2020/by Amanda Hackett


The contrast was remarkable. After 45 days in the rehab unit…
January 2, 2020/by Amanda Hackett

The Best Christmas Present

“Boy 7.”

“Girl 4.”

“Boy 6.”

“Girl 12.”

December 26, 2019/by Amanda Hackett

Thoughts on the Reception of Grace

Great care and concern are to be shown in receiving poor people…
December 19, 2019/by Amanda Hackett

Essential Oils

The topic of Essential Oils has been trending for some time now.…
December 17, 2019/by Amanda Hackett

Always We Begin Anew

"Always we begin anew." – Saint Benedict

When you read this,…
December 12, 2019/by Amanda Hackett

Swimming in Grace

Eugene H. Peterson died on October 20, 2018, but he lives on…
December 10, 2019/by Amanda Hackett

Saying Goodbye

What is the most difficult goodbye you have ever experienced?…
December 3, 2019/by Amanda Hackett