Entries by Mary Jackle

Daily Meditation for April 12, 2019

Spring has come again. “Earth’s a-bubble, with all those poems she knows by heart, so many…” says Rainer Maria Rilke. Listen to Spring come! You can hear it in the twitter of small song birds making their way back to our yards and woodlands. The season of glad songs has come. It cannot be kept […]

Daily Meditation for April 11, 2019

The warmth, color and excitement of Easter just cannot be held back any longer. For weeks now, the commercial world has been celebrating Easter. The baskets, bunnies and bonnets tease us to forget the challenges and good works we promised to accomplish during Lent. Awareness is the first step of change. The needs, lost hopes […]

Daily Meditation for April 10, 2019

In Southeast Asia, monkeys are captured in a surprising way. The hunter hollows out a coconut, leaving only a very small hole, and puts a treat inside. Then he hides nearby and waits. A monkey is barely able to get its hand through the coconut hole and grasp the treat, but it cannot remove its […]

Daily Meditation for April 9, 2019

Mary Oliver ends her poem, The Summer Day, with the lines, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” We know what Jesus did with His wild and precious life: He taught us how to live, to forgive and to do justice. But His incredible life and […]

Daily Meditation for April 8, 2019

Comfort zones sound nice—75 degrees and sunny, winter and summer, inside and outside. But if we leave that bland confinement behind and stride out into the world, we’ll discover the invigorating challenge of a Minnesota winter and the sweaty joy of a garden in summer, amid the butterflies and beans, calluses and compost. Mental, emotional […]

Daily Meditation for April 5, 2019

Sometimes it seems we spend a great part of our life just waiting. We wait for spring or summer, for Easter or Christmas. We wait for a wedding, a birth, for the children to grow up. We wait for a job to become interesting or for an upgrade in our occupation. And we wait for […]

Daily Meditation for April 4, 2019

In today’s political and cultural atmosphere, where has truth-telling gone? The reasons for not telling the truth may be many, varied and complicated. Could it be that shame and fear as human reactions have not found a way to help us grow in maturity? Formerly, religion depended on moral codes to help their faithful. Education […]

Daily Meditation for April 3, 2019

Without bridges, we could never cross over any kind of chasm; nor could we reach the other side of other great divides such as those that often exist in relationships unless WE build bridges rather than walls! We often live in distrust of each other or we demonize each other because we actually fear our […]

Daily Meditation for April 2, 2019

As April is noted for bringing showers, may our world be showered in peace. This adapted Prayer for the World that Rabbi Harold S. Kushner offers freely to everyone wishes the world well.   “Let the rain come and wash away the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds held and nurtured over generations. Let the rain wash […]

Daily Meditation for April 1, 2019

Whether we want to or not, all of us leave some sort of legacy in the minds of those who live and work with us. You hear comments like, “His middle name was hockey,” “He knows everything about gardening,” or “She can—and will—tell you the latest news about anybody in town.” Lent is a good […]