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Daily Meditation for April 9, 2019

Mary Oliver ends her poem, The Summer Day, with the lines, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  We know what Jesus did with His wild and precious life:  He taught us how to live, to forgive and to do justice.  But His incredible life and […]

Daily Meditation for March 8, 2019

Imagine yourself scuba diving off the Bahama Islands. Doesn’t that sound great right about now? Picture the blue sky and the sparkling water. Feel the warmth of the sun. You take the plunge and slowly descend to the ocean floor. Other than the soft “whoosh” of your oxygen tank, the underwater world is silent. Hold […]

Daily Meditation for March 7, 2019

Passion creates magic! According to Teri Clemens, former volleyball coach who led Washington University to seven national championships, it happens when we pour our heart and soul into what we do. It happens when we realize we have a power within us to make it happen. However, realizing we have the power to make something […]

Daily Meditation for March 6, 2019

The morning sun finally peered through the hesitant sky. It was still very cold and the traffic moved cautiously. Then, what appeared to be a perpendicular broad banner of rainbow colors appeared in the sky. NO! Not one, but two, sun dogs made their way into the sky! Soft yet distinct colors of the rainbow […]

Daily Meditation for March 5, 2019

It’s March! Spring is coming and, as Pope Francis tells us, “Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.” What an inspiring way to approach Lent! Many dread the season, seeing it as a miserable trial which contrasts with the joy of Easter. Pope Francis reminds us that there is another […]

Daily Meditation for March 4, 2019

“Nothing ever stays the same,” a familiar phrase we might hear from people who are experiencing changes in their lives. Sometimes these words express a person’s unhappiness with change and sometimes the words express joy at the opportunity to try something new. For example, there was Roger, an eighth-grade student who loved sameness and predictability. It […]

Daily Meditation for March 1, 2019

March is the month of lambs, lions and leprechauns. Folklore tells us, if spring comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion. In between, we have the antics of the leprechauns, as the Irish and even some non-Irish celebrators enjoy their merriment. Anticipating the coming of spring is a treasured delight […]

Daily Meditation for Feb. 28, 2019

A condolence letter is a gift to those who receive it, but it is a gift to the writer, also. Janice discovered this when she wrote to the two daughters of a college classmate who had passed away quite unexpectedly. She chose to write the letter because she couldn’t find a sympathy card that expressed […]

Daily Meditation for Feb. 27, 2019

Lately, those of us residing in these northern regions of the country have been experiencing the classical version of a Minnesota winter. It has been cold, very cold with snow and ice, winds and frost in abundance. Each of us develops our own strategy for survival. It may include warm parkas and mittens, bowls of […]

Daily Meditation for Feb. 26, 2019

Jesus’ public life was one of service—an inclusive service which met others’ needs, both spiritual and physical. We see this again and again in his teaching and actions—where age, gender, status or race do not form barriers. It is sometimes inconvenient for us to stretch our interests and efforts even to our own family, close […]