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Daily Meditation for Sept. 24, 2018

September is the month of the autumn equinox, when the hours of light and darkness equalize. There is a sense of leaving behind the carefree days of summer and turning to more serious pursuits. What lesson does this time of the equinox contain? It teaches us about balance which, for Benedictines, is a key word. […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 21, 2018

This coming Sunday is the first day of fall. A good little book to read at this time is “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf” by Leo Buscaglia. The book is a wonderful reflection on the delicate balance between life and death. The leaf appears in spring as a small sprout of new life on […]

Daily Meditation for September 20, 2018

The daylight hours grow shorter and the dark night hours are longer. The harvest is complete and the fresh excitement of a new academic year is a strong force in pushing forward. We each might want to recapture something of that excitement. Learning something new! Jesus does address that need to learn something new. In […]

Daily Meditation for September 19, 2018

Human beings often have expectations or assumptions about their future, what they think will happen. What if those expectations are unfulfilled or changed? Our reliance on God’s generosity must take precedence. However, because of the innate nature of being human, it is hard to accept that retiring early, for example, will be in the best […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 18, 2018

Did you ever realize that in some ways, complaining was the opposite of being grateful? Because Mr. Jenkins was tired of his seventh grade class constantly complaining, rather than complain about it himself, he made a game of it. He ordered bracelets for his 24 students and told them to put the bracelet on the […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 17, 2018

The summer is coming to an end and life will be picking up and moving fast again. But with a national election coming and trouble around our world, now more than ever we need to stop and appreciate all the good around us. Our neighbors are sharing the fruits of their gardens. The grass is […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 14, 2018

The geese are flying, gathering for their trip south. Once they take off for good, the Canada Goose is known to fly in a “v” shape, with one taking turns leading the pack. They fall to the back when they tire and another bird takes over. As they fly, which is day or night, they […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 13, 2018

In the Gospels, we read and hear how Jesus exhorts his followers to believe and trust in Him as able to show and offer a way to eternal life, one that will enrich their lives here on earth and ultimately lead them to His Father. Jesus speaks of the way to live in harmony with […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 12, 2018

Sometimes when we need new insights or fresh ideas, it’s helpful to read the dictionary. Take a familiar word and look up its definition. For example, a common word we use frequently is “friend.” This word has several meanings. The first definition given by Webster is “A person whom one knows well and cherishes.” Reflecting […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 11, 2018

On September 11, the day we refer to as 9/11, most of us can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we became aware of the terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. One person stood by and asked: “Where was God during […]