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Daily Meditation for April 3, 2018

“We are born with God pulsing through our veins!” writes S. Joan Chittister.  What a splendid image for the life surrounding us and pulsing within us these Easter days.  Having followed the Cross for 40 days, we run to the emptied Cross now, luminous with white and yellow banners.  We want to go on Easter […]

Daily Meditation for April 2, 2018

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song” St. John Paul II. Easter is the most joyful time in the Christian year. It’s about the triumph of Life and Love over death. Easter calls us to remember that hope and joy are the inheritance of Easter people. […]

Daily Meditation for March 30, 2018

By the first century, the Roman Empire had conquered most of the known world.  One thing they were extremely careful about was to spot any attempt at revolution and to end it immediately.  Palestine, during Jesus’ lifetime, was a hotbed of resentment of the Romans.  There were always gangs of revolutionaries plotting against the government.  […]

Daily Meditations for March 29, 2018

Jesus held a party for the group of us the night before he died.  There was laughing and joking. We always had fun at parties.  The food was good and I, John, had my usual place next to Jesus at the table.  There was serious conversation, too, for we all knew the political situation was […]

Daily Meditation for March 28, 2018

Did you ever realize what a blessing it is that our lives happen one day at a time?  We all have bad days, days of frustration, sadness, tragedy, and pain. Other days are simply boring, routine and uneventful. And then some days are absolutely glorious when everything is going well. We celebrate, we accomplish our […]

Daily Meditation for March 27, 2018

Acute pain usually comes on suddenly, because of a disease, injury, or inflammation. It can often be diagnosed and treated. It usually goes away, though sometimes it can turn into chronic pain. Chronic pain lasts for a long time, and can cause severe problems. What does a person do to alleviate pain? Does one scream, […]

Daily Meditation for March 26, 2018

More than one homilist has observed that “the way to Easter is through Lent.”  Upon first hearing or reading this line, one could note it as just a bromide to help us through an often less than favored liturgical season.  But we know that life generally and frequently holds its share of pain. Though few […]

Daily Meditation for March 23, 2018

On April 14, 1912, the Titanic collided with an iceberg and the ‘unsinkable’ ship sank into the Atlantic Ocean, along with hundreds of passengers.  We can only imagine the thoughts and feelings that occupied the passengers as they waited to be rescued or to go down with the ship.  Their options were few.  Some of […]

Daily Meditation for March 22, 2018

Lent is quickly passing us by – only a week left.  On Ash Wednesday we seriously asked ourselves what we could do during this season of Lent to deepen our relationship with God – especially in the areas pf PRAYER, FASTING AND ALMSGIVING.  Do you recall what promises or plans you made?  Take a minute […]

Daily Meditation for March 21, 2018

St. Benedict, whose feast we celebrate today, lived in 6th century Italy.  Italy at that time was in disastrous shape as the Roman Empire was coming apart. Benedict and his followers renewed and converted Europe.  He wrote a Rule to stabilize the monasteries that is still in use 1,489 years later.  It includes everything from […]