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Daily Meditation for January 15, 2021

In his Rule, Benedict stresses the importance of moderation in all things. In her weekly column, Melanie Svoboda also suggests moderation even in the good things we wish others this New Year. She suggests example of this kind, for example: Peace, but not so much so that we become so complacent and lack concern for […]

Daily Meditation for January 14, 2021

A Lenten song has this beautiful refrain: “Turn to the living God, The God of healing and comfort; And with delight, God will turn to you.” We don’t need to wait for Lent, still weeks in the distance, to turn away from the sickness of spirit or the anguish of heart that mars our personal […]

Daily Meditation for January 13, 2021

What do you consider beautiful? Several authors remind us that beauty is found in the heart; is a light in the heart. O’Donohue says, “In turning away from beauty we turn from all that is wholesome and true.” When you look at something or hear something really beautiful, it can touch you at the very […]

Daily Meditation for January 12, 2021

The sorrows and joys of Christmas are a memory, and spring is only a faint hope. Great flocks of snowbirds have fled Minnesota’s January cold and snow for warmer climates. But those of us who stay here, by necessity or choice, have discovered over the years that January is good for many things. It invites […]

Daily Meditation for January 11, 2021

The Prophet Isaiah is the author of many of our churches’ readings during the Christmas season. Here is one from Chapter 5 of the Book of Isaiah that tickles the imagination. He says, “The Lord gives a signal to call for a distant nation. He whistles for them to come from the ends of the […]

Daily Meditation for January 8, 2021

It’s a week after Christmas. Jack is sitting on a bench outside an Army tent somewhere in Afghanistan, feeling cold and windblown. He is waiting in line to call home. Anna is cleaning the treatment room after her long shift in a Doctors Without Borders Clinic in Kenya. She can hardly stay awake. Father Bill […]

Daily Meditation for January 7, 2021

Do you ever hear yourself defend your position of NON-ACTIVITY saying: “I’m too busy…too old…too weak…to remote from the struggles of the world to do much in changing it?” I tell myself that periodically. Actually, what we have is truly a momentous work in progress, in so many parts of our country, according to the […]

Daily Meditation for January 6, 2021

Waiting…Waiting…What does one do while waiting for the Child Jesus? Here are some memories that surfaced during quiet moments after the holidays: Baked sugar cookies and frosted them saying, “Jesus,” “Mary,” “Joseph,” while coaxing sprinkles on each one; decorated the family room with the best of the Christmas decorations from years of accumulation; got out […]

Daily Meditation for January 5, 2021

Denis Waitley, a respected author and productivity consultant, says that, “The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” As Americans in today’s culture, we may have learned from childhood to value independence, but we may not have learned to value responsibility equally well. Looking at […]

Daily Meditation for January 4, 2021

“Merciful love is the only path to follow. How much we all need to be a little more merciful! Do not gossip, do not judge, do not pick at others with envy and jealousy.” Another wise saying from someone who lives what he says. Don’t you wish you could stop yourself from gossiping or judging […]