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Daily Meditation for November 15, 2018

What do you think when you hear or read words like the following: “We need to compose our lives.” What does that mean? Is there really music, poetry, creativity within each of us? Can I really make a difference? Although it takes time and practice, if done from a stance of delight and openness, we […]

Daily Meditation for November 14, 2018

The world is in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. Heartbreaking pictures of bedraggled and exhausted people who have walked hundreds of miles north to our border, crowds packed into flimsy boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe, huge tent encampments in the middle Eastern deserts…they have left […]

Daily Meditation for November 13, 2018

“Leadership Comes From All Actions, Even the Smallest” is the title of an article recently written by a student from Saint John’s University. Contrary to the popular idea that leadership is something that is above most of us, he believes that all of society would benefit from reconstructing what it means to be a leader. […]

Daily Meditation for November 12, 2018

People, generally speaking, are longing for “something more.” Often that something more is fleeting and feels like its playing games with us. It comes and goes. What is it? Where is it? Our ears, eyes and sense of smell all get in on the act. The “something more” is usually triggered by ads that bombard […]

Daily Meditation for November 9, 2018

Hunger Awareness Week (November 10-18) makes everyone think about how they can help every day and especially for this important cause. All you need to do is find the Hunger Site at (www.thehungersite.com) and click on the button that reads “Click to Give. It’s Free.” Immediately you will receive a response that informs you about […]

Daily Meditation for November 8, 2018

November 8 is the birthday of Dorothy Day, who is considered a holy woman committed to serving the poor and disenfranchised. Born in 1897 in Brooklyn, New York, Dorothy Day became a key figure in the Catholic Worker Movement; a peaceful movement that combines direct aid for the poor and homeless with nonviolent action on […]

Daily Meditation for November 7, 2018

Trust is the theme of many readings from Scripture. One example is the poor widow of Zarephath who is asked by Elijah to give him some food. He assures her that she will have enough for her and her son if she shares with Elijah. She trusts Elijah’s word and they have sufficient food! Another […]

Daily Meditation for November 6, 2018

Seek and you will find. But what do you seek? Some people seek popularity or wealth or good times. What we need to seek is God. Sometimes that can be difficult, especially if we are expecting something miraculous or life-shaking. We like to see or hear or feel. But God has a way of coming […]

Daily Meditation for November 5, 2018

What do you do when you’re in between tasks and appointments with a few unscheduled minutes? It’s probably not long enough to call a friend or take a nap. Well, you could go to the computer and look up the derivation of a word. For example, try “Goodbye.” You will find that its first recorded […]

Daily Meditation for November 2, 2018

When silence and darkness encompass us in November’s drab cloak, it is good to submit to nature’s rest. There is a certain vulnerability we feel and less self-sufficiency which can ease us into the presence of God. Now is the time to breathe deeply and embrace the gift of solitude. In a world fraught with […]