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Daily Meditation for May 10, 2019

Our writers are going to take a break for the summer. Some will be vacationing and seeing new sights; others will have leisure time with family and friends; a few will have new interests and work to explore. We hope to be personally refreshed and new in some way, and will be back with you […]

Daily Meditation for May 9, 2019

Spring brings us many opportunities for family gatherings such as  Easter, graduations, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend.  This season challenges us to take time to reflect on the importance of family in our lives. For example, do you pray with your family? Do you reach out to your extended family? Do you model for […]

Daily Meditation for May 8, 2019

In the movie “Shadowlands,” C. S. Lewis asks a young student why he reads so many books. He answers, “To find out that I’m not alone.” Stories trace the joys, struggles, sorrows and triumphs common to people in every age and place. As scientists tell us, each human has 99% of the same DNA as […]

Daily Meditation for May 7, 2019

Words matter. Words have the power to challenge and convince. Words can change thinking, change responses and certainly, words can change hearts. Today, our world is flooded with words. Conversations, meetings and speeches all use words as their primary means of communication. Over recent years, electronic communication has added another whole new dimension to our […]

Daily Meditation for May 6, 2019

“What should we discuss tonight?” was the question one of the students in a freshman dorm asked her friends who met each Thursday night to discuss something of importance to them. Two in particular liked Maddie’s suggestion about sharing how they prayed because prayer was the topic for their Wednesday night’s CCD class. Marilyn’s way […]

Daily Meditation for May 3, 2019

Do you ever find yourself having a down day, when many things seem to go wrong all at the same time? Sometimes we fall into the trap of believing we are not worthy. We perhaps let others define who we are. Or maybe we even take too much responsibility for making other people happy. Constantly […]

Daily Meditation for May 2, 2019

“When you hear an opinion and believe it, you make an agreement and it becomes part of your belief system. The only thing that can break this agreement is to make a new one based on truth. Only the truth has the power to set us free.” Fake news…lies…loud voices shouting mere opinions…easy talk…gossip…needing to […]

Daily Meditation for May 1, 2019

Luscious in its beauty and in the hope of warmer and longer days, May is a month of new life, renewed spirits and itchy eyes for those with allergies. Over the centuries, celebrating May Day has been special to pagans, factory workers and boaters in distress. Actually, boaters in distress use May Day as a […]

Daily Meditation for April 30, 2019

As spring moves forward, nights are cold enough to freeze and days are warm enough for melting. This exchange in temperature is typical spring in this area of the country and is always a sign that spring is truly moving in. Once one knows this, one can dress for the season. Along with this temperature […]

Daily Meditation for April 29, 2019

The brilliant evening crimson sky was a treat to every beholder! The dark days of late spring have been long and the relentless wind chilled our bones, but that regal red sky which pulls a coverlet over the sun is worth watching. Meteorologists tell us that a red evening sky is actually the result of […]