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Daily Meditation for January 17, 2020

By now, most people know of the philanthropic efforts of Bill and Melinda Gates to give countries around the world a better chance for life. Melinda, along with her husband, Bill, have been on a mission to meet urgent needs. In her moving and compelling book THE LIFT, she and other women believe that EMPOWERING […]

Daily Meditation for January 16, 2020

The virtues of faith and charity are often presented for reflection, but hope seems to be left in the background. And yet, hope is the foundation for living a purposeful life. Why do individuals make a real effort to choose the good over the easier evil? Many do because they hope that they will be […]

Daily Meditation for January 15, 2020

It was December 1 that I awakened from a dream with the Spanish words, “Pide pan!” in my heart and on my lips! “Ask for bread” I was told! Immediately I thought of the Biblical hungry ones whom Jesus did not want to send home lest they faint on the way. The disciples fed their […]

Daily Meditation for January 14, 2020

In 2002, Mr. Rogers (of television fame) said in a commencement address at Dartmouth College: “The world hangs like a magnificent jewel in the vastness of space. Every one of us is a part of that jewel—a facet of that jewel—and in the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal. We are intimately related. May […]

Daily Meditation for January 13, 2020

Just a few weeks ago, Christians celebrated God becoming human—like us—in Jesus of Nazareth. Some spiritual writers say that, from the first moment of creation, God wanted to identify with us, to share fully in our human experience with its joys and sorrows. Because we are made in God’s image, we humans are wired to […]

Daily Meditation for January 10, 2020

Christmas is over. In the northern hemisphere, the days are long, dark and cold. Have you ever noticed, though, a certain peace to this time of year? Everything is quiet and still and there’s a special beauty about January sunshine, with its clear, sharp light and sparkling snow? Don’t you feel grateful on a dreary […]

Daily Meditation for January 9, 2020

He struggled across the hospital parking lot with a large paper shopping bag in each hand. He moved quickly as the chilly wind whipped around the pillars. He greeted everyone within hearing distance as a broad smile encircled his face. His big boots slopped through the slush and he moved forward with a determined gait. […]

Daily Meditation for January 8, 2020

Manal al-Sharif is a Saudi woman who “dared to drive” before the ban was lifted. Actually, she was the innovator of the latest movement (by women) to lift the ban against women driving in Saudi Arabia. Manal’s memoir of the same name is a compelling read that should impact every American woman. She started the […]

Daily Meditation for January 7, 2020

For most of us, every day presents us with responsibilities to fulfill as well as opportunities to be of service. These can be challenging. But along with the difficult times, we also may have moments of enjoyment and truly pleasant interaction with one another. To go through our days, our Creator has gifted us with […]

Daily Meditation for January 6, 2020

When you visualize the Three Kings journeying to Bethlehem around Epiphany, do you picture them dressed in fine robes and wearing gold crowns? The poem “The Journey of the Magi” written by T.S. Eliot begs the question about the appropriateness of their apparel. The poem opens with this stark image: “A cold coming we had […]