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Daily Meditation for June 4, 2021

Goodbye for the summer! Our group of writers is taking time off to renew ourselves by doing some new things, thinking some new thoughts, praying more, laughing more, relaxing, and shaking off the dust of quarantine. We will be back in fall, ready to share. We wish you a wonderful summer full of sunbeams, refreshing […]

Daily Meditation for June 3, 2021

The origins of Father’s Day evolved from the celebration of Mother’s Day which has been observed since the early 1900s. Popular tradition credits Sonora Smart Dodd for coming up with the idea of Father’s Day. While listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1901, she was inspired to have a special day dedicated to her […]

Daily Meditation for June 2, 2021

Lisa was caught off guard as she said aloud to a friend, “My mom’s scent is on this sweater.” The sweater had been given to her on a recent trip home, and only now was she wearing it for the first time. It pleased Lisa that she recognized her mother’s scent on the sweater. The […]

Daily Meditation for June 1, 2021

Matthew’s Gospel (chapter 5, verses 1–10) lists eight Beatitudes Jesus gave during his Sermon on the Mount. For followers of Jesus, they are a blueprint for a spiritual life. We may find some of the Beatitudes more attractive and amenable in our troubled times, though all of them can be applied on a daily basis. […]

Daily Meditation for May 31, 2021

Spring seems to be the time when nature sets the stage with all sorts of sights, sounds and smells to show the glory of God. Everything about spring beckons us to come and play. Everything is in abundance: lacy green trees, soft rains, earthy smells, bright blue sun-drenched skies, fresh watercress, sweet-sour rhubarb and tender […]

Daily Meditation for May 28, 2021

“Live simply so that others might simply live!” These words of Pope Paul VI set a challenge for each of us to look at our possessions, whether they be material, good health, or a good relationship with God! In this time of the pandemic restrictions being lifted, we are called to be concerned about the […]

Daily Meditation for May 27, 2021

A bright red EXIT sign is very prominent in the Oratory at Saint Benedict’s Monastery. It is difficult to ignore. It seems strange to notice it as soon as one enters. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say WELCOME TO THIS PEACEFUL PLACE? People enter quietly to wait for the entire community to arrive for […]

Daily Meditation for May 26, 2021

The Finger of God through our hands: Sweat was beginning to blossom on our foreheads! They kept coming and the three of us glanced at each other and then at the roaster. The food was fast disappearing! They were hungry and they had a right to be. The city had arranged for space, supplies, and […]

Daily Meditation for May 25, 2021

During the depression when Jan was about seven years old, she innocently said, “Mom, we never were very rich, were we?”  Her mom nearly fell off her chair as she blurted out: “Very rich?” When Jan shared this memory with her two granddaughters, Jeralyn asked, “Well, were you?” After a moment or so, Jan replied, […]

Daily Meditation for May 24, 2021

Take time to be kind. A true story of an act of kindness: While playing along a riverbank with his friend, a seven-year-old boy fell into the river and was immediately pulled away by the strong current. The boy’s friend ran to the street screaming for help. At that very moment, a young man was […]