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Daily Meditation for March 22, 2019

Two teachers shared that the experiences they most regretted were times they failed to ask the “patient question.” For Mariella, it was her angrily accosting a college student for coming late to her morning class. As the student left at the end of class, she apologized for being late, sharing that she had had a […]

Daily Meditation for March 21, 2019

The days are lengthening and in many parts of the northern hemisphere, green shoots are appearing with their promise of new life and growth. How do these seasonal changes in nature relate to our experience of the liturgical season of Lent? Lent is often seen as a gloomy, austere time; yet all around us creation […]

Daily Meditation for March 20, 2019

A man and his son, Paco, were estranged stemming from an argument over money. Paco left home in a fit of rage, determined never to speak to his father again. As the years went by, the father grieved and he longed to hear from his son. Eventually, the father’s love for his son prompted him […]

Daily Meditation for March 19, 2019

If there’s one thing to which we can all relate, it is work. From childhood on, we know the jobs, big and small, our hands have done. St. Joseph, whom we honor today, is a powerful patron and model of work: of patience, diligence, creativity and enjoyment. Surely the things this master carpenter and his […]

Daily Meditation for March 18, 2019

It’s an understatement to say that Minnesota has had its share of snow this winter. Driving has been hazardous with impassible drifts and dangerously icy roads. Low visibility, wind and broken wrists happen almost daily. On the bright side, winter has also given us many chances to gaze on pristine fields covered in luscious, white […]

Daily Meditation for March 15, 2019

Someone recently posed the question: “What is happening on the Ides of March?” Here is a response. We hope that the continuous coming of Christ into our lives is still giving life and light to our world. Believe that what is actually happening in our world is in exact proportion to how much love, life […]

Daily Meditation for March 14, 2019

Each of us has a right to our greatness—to what we are called by God to be. Each of us is unique and special, but often we succumb to the demand that we be like everyone else. Our culture has taught us that we will be happy if we taste every pleasure and fulfill all […]

Daily Meditation for March 13, 2019

There is a Syrian artist by the name of Nizar Ali Badr who has nothing from which to make his art except stones and pebbles on the seashore. He arranges stones and pebbles to make a scene, then he takes a picture and takes them apart again. He cannot keep the stones and pebbles because […]

Daily Meditation for March 12, 2019

Recall a time when you were the first person out in the yard after a snowfall. You notice all the tracks in the pristine white snow that show which other creatures have been there before you. There are the narrow lines of bunny trails, widely spaced footfalls of deer, tiny traces of birds’ feet. The […]

Daily Meditation for March 11, 2019

An old Irish proverb says, “It’s in the shelter of each other that we live.” This proverb is literally true, as we learned again this January when polar cold gripped the country. Without warm shelter, people died under bridges and huddled over street vents. This saying also reminds us that we all need the shelter […]