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Daily Meditation for April 9, 2020

“He put clay on my eyes, I washed and now I can see.” Hearing these words spoken by the man who had been blind since birth being read at Eucharist hit a chord in Bill’s heart. The homilist seemed to be speaking directly to Bill when he asked what individuals would do if Jesus suddenly […]

Daily Meditation for April 8, 2020

In the February St. Cloud Times, we read that our nocturnal light, the moon, has a mini moon which is also orbiting the earth. The article states that the little fellow is 6 by 11 inches and it seems there is no previous history of such a body. The solar system is continuing to create […]

Daily Meditation for April 7, 2020

Those of us who have lost loved ones—and that’s probably all of us—know that the stories we tell at wakes and funerals are funny as often as they are sad or solemn. A husband and wife had the foresight to buy urns for their ashes so that their children wouldn’t have to do it. They […]

Daily Meditation for April 6, 2020

The story is told that, during the Cold War, Polish intellectuals under communism decided to live as if they were free. When the government didn’t live up to its promises, they criticized the government and were jailed, but still they refused to surrender their ideals and settle into a dull, dehumanized existence without hope. They […]

Daily Meditation for April 3, 2020

We are well into the Lenten season. And we are probably assessing our own “state of the union” reality. A story entitled Two Wolves may help us choose our agenda as we continue through Lent.  An old Cherokee is telling his grandson about a fight that is going on inside him. He said it is […]

Daily Meditation for April 2, 2020

It is a burden and a frightening responsibility to form and vote one’s conscience, especially at this time prior to our national elections. Since we are part of a global community, our U.S. candidates for election are smack dab in the mix of a troubled global community. And we? How do you and I choose […]

Daily Meditation for April 1, 2020

The political situation in our country is confusing, unnerving and makes any kind of planning difficult. Along with that, the situation of the coronavirus spreading in the United States makes us doubly fearful. But, to live constantly under an umbrella of fear takes an energy that most of us do not have. But the unnerving […]

Daily Meditation for March 31, 2020

Lent is a time to grow in trusting God’s eternal love for us. It is not a time for a brutal examination of conscience that leads to shame or despair. Nor is it about earning God’s love. It is not because of anything we do, but only because of God’s gift to us. The Lenten […]

Daily Meditation for March 30, 2020

At many funerals, we sing, “Life has changed, not ended.” This sentiment is definitely soothing because we think about eternal life as another form of life—spiritual and immortal life not of earth. Our liturgy speaks from Scripture to help the loved ones transform from grievers to befrienders of the Gospel, coming to know the words […]

Daily Meditation for March 27, 2020

What’s your favorite liturgical season? Most people don’t choose Lent! It can be especially difficult as the weeks wear on and we lose the initial enthusiasm for resolutions we made about giving up a favorite food, focusing on a particular prayer need or doing some special good work. Pause for a moment and look at […]