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Daily Meditation for Sept. 18, 2018

Did you ever realize that in some ways, complaining was the opposite of being grateful? Because Mr. Jenkins was tired of his seventh grade class constantly complaining, rather than complain about it himself, he made a game of it. He ordered bracelets for his 24 students and told them to put the bracelet on the […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 17, 2018

The summer is coming to an end and life will be picking up and moving fast again. But with a national election coming and trouble around our world, now more than ever we need to stop and appreciate all the good around us. Our neighbors are sharing the fruits of their gardens. The grass is […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 14, 2018

The geese are flying, gathering for their trip south. Once they take off for good, the Canada Goose is known to fly in a “v” shape, with one taking turns leading the pack. They fall to the back when they tire and another bird takes over. As they fly, which is day or night, they […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 13, 2018

In the Gospels, we read and hear how Jesus exhorts his followers to believe and trust in Him as able to show and offer a way to eternal life, one that will enrich their lives here on earth and ultimately lead them to His Father. Jesus speaks of the way to live in harmony with […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 12, 2018

Sometimes when we need new insights or fresh ideas, it’s helpful to read the dictionary. Take a familiar word and look up its definition. For example, a common word we use frequently is “friend.” This word has several meanings. The first definition given by Webster is “A person whom one knows well and cherishes.” Reflecting […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 11, 2018

On September 11, the day we refer to as 9/11, most of us can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we became aware of the terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. One person stood by and asked: “Where was God during […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 10, 2018

Elizabeth Barret Browning wrote these provocative lines: “The earth is ablaze with the fire of God, but only those who see it take their shoes off; the rest sit around and pick blackberries.” What have we done today to take off our “shoes in the presence of the fire of God” blazing in our gardens […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 7, 2018

The first grader was almost ready to leave her mother at the door. Her mother sensed the apprehension, assuring her daughter that she would have fun with new friends. Emily always liked learning new things. Her teacher would make learning exciting. Then came the final kiss and leaving Emily. Almost as an afterthought, Mother added […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 6, 2018

Summer’s ‘wild places’ recede now as the days shorten and breezes cool. But what fond memories we hold of those sunlit days spent in sacred places at the lake, in the wilderness, atop a mountain, under the stars, in a garden or walking a forest; in the air, in the water, on the land. No […]

Daily Meditation for Sept. 5, 2018

Put into practice what you believe! God gave Moses the 10 commandments and the Church has passed them on to us. We all learned them in our religion classes. Review the 10 Commandments.  What positive action can we do to carry them out? The first three relate to our relationship with God – honoring him, […]