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Daily Meditation for April 15, 2021

The hub of a small village in years past was often the railroad station. For the boys playing marbles in the sand near the tracks, it was a pretty quiet place until the train whistle blew. Then the gates would swing down and kids quickly scatter to safety. Simultaneously, the attendant would come out of […]

Daily Meditation for April 14, 2021

Seasons pass so quickly that it is easy to take them for granted. Spring arrives softly, slowly—a combination of sunshine, snowflakes, mittens and caps. Not all at once. Thus, we take time to savor the days one at a time and allow our spirit to be refreshed and nourished. How beautiful are the flights and […]

Daily Meditation for April 13, 2021

Dolores was 89 years old and wanted to see her grandchildren married. The doctor said it was a simple surgery that could give her another 5-7 years of life with more energy. She was eager for this possibility but after one week, things did not go well, and she died after another week. All the […]

Daily Meditation for April 12, 2021

Jesus appears to the disciples where they were gathered behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jews. He greets them with the words, “Peace be with you!” He then breathes on them, giving them the Holy Spirit, and then sends them out to preach to the people. Thomas was not with them and […]

Daily Meditation for April 9, 2021

Think about some of the people you know. Think especially about those who give you a sense of what they stand for or believe in. Because we are so delighted to “people watch,” there must be something really fascinating about other people, right? Is it the shine or not in their eyes? Is it the […]

Daily Meditation for April 8, 2021

Pat Kool chose a passage from Zephaniah to open the Bible study group she was leading during Lent. She believed that with many persons choosing to turn to God during Lent, Zephaniah’s words might have special meaning: “The Lord is with you; He will take great delight in you and quiet you with his love. […]

Daily Meditation for April 7, 2021

In Minnesota, carrots are a common and an often-enjoyed vegetable. Planting season is almost here, and loads of carrot seeds will soon be sown. The gardener watches for the first signs of leafy green sprouts and knows (or hopes) that all is well. She waits for growth and knows that roots are quietly reaching deeper […]

Daily Meditation for April 6, 2021

Most of us could compile a substantial list of the things we dislike about life during the pandemic. But this strange year may also have given us things to love. They may be familiar people or experiences or new ones we hadn’t noticed before and now want to hang on to. Try finishing the line, […]

Daily Meditation for April 5, 2021

It is springtime, and one of the most loveable sounds is the first song of the cardinal bird. In the morning, when the first cardinal sings its spring song, he/she starts at intervals of 10 minutes. It’s like this bird wakes up slowly. Then another half hour passes and all the cardinals of the area […]

Daily Meditation for April 2, 2021

In her inaugural poem, “The Hill We Climb,” Amanda Gorman pointed us forward. She wrote, “We’ve weathered and witnessed/ a nation that isn’t broken/ but simply unfinished.” Her words, spoken in a climate of antipathy and deep division, revealed trust in the basic goodness of human nature, in the possibility of change and growth, in […]