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Daily Meditation for January 27, 2022

During this coldest time of the year, the adage “cold hands, warm heart” can be applied to people whose cold hands better the lives of others. Be it a parent on a snowy hill whose children are squealing with delight as they ride the snowy slope, to the many professionals whose warm hearts are expressed […]

Daily Meditation for January 26, 2022

On the outside, a banana may appear to no longer be usable. After one removes the peeling, even though it may seem overripe because of the dark color of the skin, the fruit may be perfect for making banana bread or cake that is very delicious. Peoples’ appearances, their likes and dislikes, their values may […]

Daily Meditation for January 25, 2022

As we begin a new year, we may be wondering what 2022 will bring to us. For some, it will be the first year of life, and we hope that it will be the beginning of something wonderful for them. For some, it will be their first year of marriage or parenthood which may bring […]

Daily Meditation for January 24, 2022

What? An assignment over Christmas break? Professor Roberts had to be kidding. But when he said he’d already reserved 102A from 5:30 to 6:30 and would have pizza for us, we knew he was serious. We could pick any day during vacation and incorporate at least three actions that had the potential for making us […]

Daily Meditation for January 21, 2022

Karry recalled her childhood experience of crossing the Minnesota-North Dakota border, wondering how the land would look on the other side. There was no distinction. The same terrain continued. The astronauts on the Apollo moon flight witnessed that when looking at earth from outer space, no lines marked off various nations or races. They saw […]

Daily Meditation for January 20, 2022

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?” asks Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland. So what can we learn of love from snow? Growing up in the northern latitudes, we had ample opportunity to know snow intimately. It protected us in snow forts and as […]

Daily Meditation for January 19, 2022

Recall the cherished story of a young George Washington who, after chopping down his father’s favorite Cherry Tree, confessed, “I cannot tell a lie; I did chop it down with my hatchet.” His honesty earned the admiration of his father and of all those who retell this story. We are in a perplexing time in […]

Daily Meditation for January 18, 2022

In her book, Running with Expanding Heart, Sister Mary Reuter describes the interdependence of California redwood trees. These giant sequoias can stand 300 feet high and spread almost 30 feet across, yet their roots are quite shallow—only 10 to 13 feet deep. But when six or seven of these trees grow close together, their intertwining […]

Daily Meditation for January 17, 2022

We’re often told to let go—good advice if we’re talking about grudges, hoarded possessions, hurtful relationships, and habits and ideas that no longer bring new life. But the opposite advice—hang on!—is also wise and may be more critical at this moment. Think of the frontline health care workers who come to work day after day, […]

Daily Meditation for January 14, 2202

As we moved through the season of Advent, we were in a time of preparation: preparation for the celebration of the coming of the most precious Gift of all time. This Gift is not wrapped in beautiful Christmas paper, nor does it come with a large bow on the top of it. This Gift is […]