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Daily Meditation for October 15, 2021

Today, let us remember the story of Jesus curing the lepers. Ten lepers came to him, and he saw with the eyes of compassion their desire for healing, so he cured them of their suffering, and only one came back to say, “Thank you.” Just as the lepers were ill with leprosy, we too have […]

Daily Meditation for October 14, 2021

The fog was very dense, preventing one from seeing the farm buildings across the Mississippi River. It was early morning. As the sun rose and it became brighter outside, the beauty that had been so obvious the day before came into view. A lush green lawn, healthy-looking foliage, birds and baby squirrels searching for food […]

Daily Meditation for October 13, 2021

It’s the intention, not the gift, that counts. This past summer while serving with Border Ministry in Laredo, Texas, we welcomed, fed, clothed, and helped with communication between refugees and sponsors for the flood of people on the move who passed through the doors of the Catholic Charities shelter. When they left for the airport […]

Daily Meditation for October 12, 2021

Today is known as Columbus Day in America. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on the Bahamian island of Guanahani, which he renamed El Salvador. The natives living there at the time were called Arawak and were known to be a gentle and friendly people. However, they were captured and used for slavery and because of […]

Daily Meditation for October 11, 2021

It’s inspiring to read how people near military bases have come together to supply what’s needed for Afghan refugees. School children and teens have collected clothing and toys for children. Church groups and other organizations gathered clothes, shoes, and additional necessities. Money has been given to cover essential needs. These gifts are for former professionals […]

Daily Meditation for October 8, 2021

As refugees from many countries turn hopeful faces toward the United States, we might be guided in our response by a bronze sculpture and the words it is based on. “Angels Unawares” was created by Timothy Schmalz and honors migrants, refugees, and enslaved and displaced people from many times and places. Standing shoulder to shoulder […]

Daily Meditation for October 7, 2021

Recent floods on the east coast and fires on the west coast have highlighted the environmental crisis we are facing. With the current midwestern drought, we have had personal experience of the devastation brought on by climate change. We may feel powerless, and we may be tempted to throw up our hands in hopelessness. What can one person […]

Daily Meditation for October 6, 2021

Do you ever feel that, on the whole, we live in a very unstable world? And as a result, you feel insecure, uncertain, unstable, moving too fast from one thing to another, uprooted rather than deeply rooted/grounded/lacking Someone who loves you deeply, never changes and is able to be with you, holds you, immerses Himself […]

Daily Meditation for October 5, 2021

By now the tender plants and fruits of the summer have gone their way. Only the hearty, the thick skinned, the resilient remain.  The pumpkins and squash can withstand a certain amount of cold, wind, rain, and light frost. The dense coverings and orange meat protect the seeds and promise of a future. We’ve been […]

Daily Meditation for October 4, 2021

One of the most beloved saints of all time, Francis of Assisi, serves as a beacon for our troubled era as he did for his own. Thirteen-century Italy was beset by much civic unrest, and Francis became a vivid model of what a true Christian could and should be. We often view Francis primarily as […]