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New Blog: St. Cloud’s Safe Spaces Project

Blog Title: St. Cloud’s Safe Spaces Project: In Search of the Kernel of Truth Author: Tracy Ritmueller, OblSB Are you up for trying find a kernel of truth in the opinions of people with whom you don’t agree? Oblate Tracy Ritmueller explores how a group pf people in the St. Cloud area are forging ahead […]

St. Cloud’s Safe Spaces Project: In Search of the Kernel of Truth

Today’s portion of Benedict’s Rule begins at Chapter 3: Calling the Community for Counsel. In her inclusive translation and daily commentary (Liturgical Press, 2021), Judith Sutera, OSB, asks, “Can I try to find the kernel of truth in the opinion of someone with whom I disagree?” Imagine a community the size of greater St. Cloud […]

Working With the Sisters Is Different: Try It!

When you take a job with the Sisters of Saint Benedict, it’s a whole different experience of what being employed means. You don’t work for us, you work with us … literally. Sound interesting? Check out our fulfilling job opportunities. You might be just the right person to work with us! Photo by Andra Johnson

Oblate Renewal Day

Welcome to all our oblates participating in person or by livestream in Oblate Renewal Day, Saturday, September 18, 2021. Handouts to help you prepare for the presentations are available on the oblate webpage.

New Blog: Ramblings (Part II)

Blog Title: Ramblings (Part II) Author: Kathleen Kjolhaug, OblSB Can you find the promise of the Risen Christ in the daily, and sometimes difficult, happenings in life? In today’s blog, oblate Kathleen Kjolhaug, shares how a farmer’s fall gave her a deeper spiritual insight. Check our website every Tuesday and Thursday to read new blogs […]

Ramblings: Part II

It’s awfully quiet. The midnight mooing has ceased as the window remains open allowing minimal movement of cool air. Last night it wasn’t so. Bellowing persisted as cow-calf pairs had been strategically separated. My farmer-man knows what he’s doing, but there’s been no mention of this wisdom employed until now. “When I opened the gates […]

Federation of Saint Benedict: Learn More

Sister Kerry O’Reilly (pictured) is a member of our monastery and also President of the Federation of St. Benedict. There are three federations of women Benedictines in the US; each individual monastery belongs to one of these. To find out more, check out the Federation of St. Benedict website.

Masking Guidelines

In line with CDC advice, we are asking all guests to wear a mask when attending Eucharist, Liturgy of the Hours or any other gathering with the sisters. We respectfully request your compliance in order to prevent spread of the coronavirus.

CentraCare-St.Cloud Hospital Thanks Colleen Haggerty, OSB

Sister Colleen Haggerty has a long history with CentraCare-St. Cloud Hospital: employee, board member and, most recently, volunteer in the Spiritual Care Department. She’s now decided it’s time to step back. This provided an opportunity for a few of her friends from the hospital to visit Saint Benedict’s Monastery to thank her.  They presented her […]

Ramblings: Part I

Rambling into the farmyard the empty cattle trailer did roll. Backing up to the gates came easy enough as thunder taunted in the distance. Another tease it was as the drought droned on into mid-August forcing the decision to sell the cattle. They loaded easily enough, I suppose…even if it sounded a bit obnoxious as […]