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Leaves Aloft

Just enough breeze to set you flying. . . actually you just made a graceful corner around the west side of the hermitage.  Nice! But I wonder where you will go: a peace offering to the Afghan woman ready to graduate with her PhD? an invitation to the Taliban soldier wondering if he should lay […]


Is your handwriting readable? Mine used to be very much like the Palmer Penmanship program teaches. I loved practicing the letter shapes for hours. I liked seeing my neatly written “r’s” and “q’s” especially when connecting the letters. However, when I was actively teaching, I was always in a hurry and because I was an […]

Congratulations, Sister Lois!

Sister Lois Wedl is the #1 Bennies’ fan! That position is being officially recognized Saturday, September 25, when a new athletics building at the College of Saint Benedict is officially named after her. Read more!

Loving Sam Was Counter-Culture

I was over the moon. My beautiful new, too expensive, dress was hanging on the door frame. Sam finally asked me out! We drove into the Cathedral parking lot. “Come on,” he said. Sounds of laughter floated up the stairwell. Sam opened the door and I found myself smack in the middle of a Soup […]

Give a House Away!

When a house that was home to sisters in St. Joe for several years was no longer needed, our community decided  to donate it to Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity, so that a working family on a low income, could get a foot on the property ladder. On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, work began on […]


A couple of weeks ago I was in rehab, the first outing after my husband’s death. The house just opened again after the lockdown the day I arrived.   Although I had been away on my own before, this time it was completely different. Usually when I went away, I talked to my husband in […]

St. Cloud’s Safe Spaces Project: In Search of the Kernel of Truth

Today’s portion of Benedict’s Rule begins at Chapter 3: Calling the Community for Counsel. In her inclusive translation and daily commentary (Liturgical Press, 2021), Judith Sutera, OSB, asks, “Can I try to find the kernel of truth in the opinion of someone with whom I disagree?” Imagine a community the size of greater St. Cloud […]

Ramblings: Part II

It’s awfully quiet. The midnight mooing has ceased as the window remains open allowing minimal movement of cool air. Last night it wasn’t so. Bellowing persisted as cow-calf pairs had been strategically separated. My farmer-man knows what he’s doing, but there’s been no mention of this wisdom employed until now. “When I opened the gates […]

Ramblings: Part I

Rambling into the farmyard the empty cattle trailer did roll. Backing up to the gates came easy enough as thunder taunted in the distance. Another tease it was as the drought droned on into mid-August forcing the decision to sell the cattle. They loaded easily enough, I suppose…even if it sounded a bit obnoxious as […]


COVID-19 has made me halt! Often quiet down! Slow down! Think outside of the box, as it were! Pray! Principally BE in the moment! And in that moment seek something new—perhaps suffer a bit without falling apart! And even wonder how I might grow because of the suffering! I had recently read a statement that […]