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Daily Meditation for Friday, March 2

In our day and age, sports are part of everyday life. There is some kind of game going on somewhere almost daily. Newspapers carry a daily update on sports teams across the country. From early age, a child can be part of a team or practice some kind of sport. Sports involve both some kind […]

Daily Meditation for Thursday, March 1

The blast of March winds – they sweep through our lives with great freedom going their own way. Not unlike God’s spirit who plays in our soul. “Have you not heard the rush of tones?” asks Thomas Merton, spiritual writer of our day, in his poem, “The Breath of Nature.” With an awakening voice, we […]

Daily Meditation for Wednesday, February 28

Some years ago, according to Fr. Ed Hayes, in his book A Pilgrim’s Almanac, American “breakfast cereals have undergone a kind of Lent, a reformation” as cereal companies have removed loads of excess sugars, salts and preservatives from some of their cereals in an effort to promote healthy eating. These cereals are now considered natural […]

Sisters Helping Sisters

At Saint Scholastica Convent, the retirement and assisted living facility for the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict in St. Cloud, Minn., sisters respond to Christ’s command that we love and serve one another. The more able sisters regularly reach out to the sisters receiving skilled care. At any time of day, sisters can […]

Daily Meditation for Tuesday, February 27

Two virtues we often take for granted or sometimes even ignore are joy and hope. Perhaps we see hope as desirable when we want something desperately or when we need to endure a difficulty. We might see hope as being optimistic or upbeat. We might not even understand what hope is as a virtue. Hope […]

Daily Meditation for Monday, February 26

Recently, I read Rebecca Solnit’s writing on our ability as human beings to find the gold nugget right within the messes, losses, tragedies and incredible suffering we humans experience…, finding, as she puts it, A Paradise Built in Hell! She has witnessed, as we do, ordinary as well as heroic responses and actions of kindness […]

Daily Meditation for Friday, February 23

For twenty years, marine biologists have been tracking a whale they call 52 Blue. Like all whales, he sings an underwater song. But 52 Blue’s song is at a frequency no other whales can understand or answer. So, he roams the north Pacific year after year, singing his song and hoping that one day a […]

Daily Meditation for February 22, 2018

Lent is here, a season often associated with gloom and doom; yet the word “lent” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for “spring.” Maybe that’s a twist we need to put into our approach to Lent. Spring is a time for growth, when seemingly dead plants and trees start to come alive from within and finally […]

Daily Meditation for February 21, 2018

The child was honest when she said she was giving up candy for Lent. It just so happened that Valentine’s Day came the day after Ash Wednesday. Surely God didn’t want her to forego a candy treat brought to school by mothers for the occasion. The following day, no candy was offered. She got back […]

Migrants Among Us

Many of us have known the feeling of needing to move to a new geographic space as our life changes. This is especially true if where we are now provides almost no potential for our life to unfold in a life-giving way. This “displacement” or migration may be as subtle as “being new in town,” […]