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Sister Emmanuel Renner Service Award

The College of Saint Benedict class of 1964, which includes Sisters Elaine Schroeder, Ephrem Hollermann and Maribeth Theis, received the Sister Emmanuel Renner Service Award at the 2019 CSB Reunion Awards. This is the first time ever that an entire graduating class has been honored with this award. You can learn more about the award […]

Walking Her Home

As I write this, my best friend/sister is sleeping peacefully. She is on hospice care and it is almost time for her morphine. Not much else is on my mind. I’d like to share part of what my minister-supervisor wrote to me during this time. Is it not great to have a friend like LaVonne? […]

Cause to Celebrate

Of course, Benedictines have many reasons to celebrate because our community-minded living means we want to honor each other on special occasions such as birthdays and name days. This practice sometimes makes our calendars quite full since we also celebrate feast days, many revered saints and other seasonal days of special importance. Thus, on June […]

A More Profound Experience of Reality

Lately, my life feels inelegant, unmanageable and hard. There is sickness, suffering and death. There are fractured relationships I can’t repair. The international, national and local news is heartbreaking—divisive, ugly, violent. To counter my feelings of helplessness and sorrow, I have been watching, over and over, a six-second video of my six-year-old granddaughter cartwheeling. Her […]

We Are All One-ed in Christ

I came across a very full short statement by Rowan Williams, bishop, poet and theologian: “It should be a rather exhilarating thought that the moment of creation is now—that if by some unthinkable accident, God’s attention slipped, we wouldn’t be here. It means that within every circumstance, every object, every person, God’s action is going […]

Alzheimer’s Prayer

For some time now, I have been studying and learning about various forms and stages of dementia. Two ideas strike me deeply: an unknown author’s “Alzheimer’s Prayer” and a talk I heard recently. From the talk: Did you know that in our conversations, the following may be true when considering the importance of our so-called […]

Sister Phyllis Plantenberg Endowed Fund for Student and Faculty Research

The Sister Phyllis Plantenberg Endowed Fund for Student and Faculty Research for Saint John’s University was created by an anonymous donor in honor of Sister Phyllis Plantenberg, a retired biology professor. She was informed of this honor by Troy Fritz, executive director of institutional advancement, and Barb May, dean, at a small presentation in the […]