Daily Meditation for May 29, 2024

Why are so many children abused and neglected these days? Newborns are so wonderful, so beautiful in fact. But, as they begin to grow, all too often these children become such a burden that the parents become impatient, sometimes with the result of abuse and/or neglect. Perhaps the parents are overwhelmed with work, financial problems and worries about the future. However, people can usually handle difficult situations if they consistently get enough sleep and daily exercise. Children, too, when loved and encouraged gently to do their best, will amaze you with their performance and happy personalities. God bless all parents and grandparents helping children grow up with self-confidence and a heart, caring for themselves and others. May they bring you happiness in their growing-up years and in the lives they build. This is a mammoth, wonderful task. Let us all be supportive and helpful to the families in our lives. And God be with you.

By Ruth Anne Schneider, OSB