Daily Meditation for May 20, 2024

“And God saw that it was good.” We heard this phrase often during the Easter Vigil. It helps us focus on the many gifts that are present in our normal surroundings and yet can so easily be missed: the branch was sprouting small green buds, a young bunny crossed my path, the breeze was refreshing, several robins were singing in unison. Both God and I saw that it was good. A young child rolled past on his bike, the young girl was walking her dog, two college students were enjoying a walk, an older man was sitting in the sun with a smile on his face. Both God and I saw that it was good. A child recovered from a serious car accident, Mike and Mary have a new baby boy, Sue decided to enter a religious community. God is continually sending us messages and signs. May we become more aware of his constant goodness.

By Michon Lanners, OSB