Daily Meditation for May 17, 2024

The roar of a violent wind, strange ribbons of flames above their heads, a fresh fervor and awe at the presence of a power much greater than any earthly power filled the room where they gathered to pray. The only person in the room who really knew what was happening was Mary, the mother of Jesus. She knew! She had personal contact with this great Spirit of God some 33 years before. That Spirit had invited her to be the mother of God! And what a “ride” that had been! Now, that same Spirit, roaring this time! What would be the invitation? To fold her hands and become a plastic statue? To dictate a book on her Son’s life and teachings? …or to stand with the members of the infant church in rejoicing, proclaiming, praying, and daring?

She knew it would continue to be a love filled adventure! And what is the Spirit sending you to do?

By Judy Kramer, OSB