Daily Meditation for May 14, 2024

There are certain on-the-way places that have pleasant associations. The road home or to a significant person is paved with happy anticipation. Pathways through the woods carry the memory of renewal which nature offers repeatedly. Steps up to the current residence of an aging family member already welcomes with the climb.

There’s the bridge that finds you almost there, the sign which announces your destination. All of these on route passages send a surge of excitement or stir peaceful recollections. The Easter Season is meant to have a similar effect. More than a single religious holiday, Easter opens up a way to continue meeting the Risen One. We need the Gospel stories, the worship services with Easter hymns, the garden of flowers in the sanctuary. Spread out over 50 days, there are multiple opportunities to recognize the Presence of the Holy One in our midst. The reassuring message he offers is that ultimately the Way opens to a reunion which we’ll enjoy forever.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB