Daily Meditation for May 2, 2024

“Where is Jesus now?” Four-year-old Carsten asked Todd, his Godfather. He had just read the children’s book, God Gave Us Easter, to Carsten and Monroe, his two-year-old sister. Not wanting them to think that Jesus was far away in heaven, Todd answered: “Jesus is in my heart, your mom and dad’s hearts, your sister’s heart, your heart.” Carsten immediately pulled up his shirt to see if he could catch a glimpse of Jesus in his heart.

Todd believes that Jesus lives in our hearts, in our yearning for full joy and for “alleluias” in our lives. Jesus is in our hearts supporting our restlessness … wanting deep and lasting peace and assurance of God’s compassion … grasping for hope in chaotic situations … desiring union with God.

We are invited to ask ourselves: “Where is Jesus now? What is he doing in and through us?”

By Mary Reuter, OSB