Daily Meditation for April 24, 2024

“He put clay on my eyes, I washed and now I can see.” Hearing these words spoken by the man who had been blind since birth being pronounced at Eucharist hit a chord in Bill’s heart. The homilist seemed to be speaking directly to him when he asked what individuals would do if Jesus suddenly opened their eyes. What would they, for example, see for the first time? Would it be their son who they had been too busy to take any interest in lately? Would it be their failure to visit their father or mother-in-law in the nursing home after he/she had had a stroke? Bill’s eyes and heart were both opened when the homilist asked, “When have you last written a thank you note or even expressed gratitude to someone like your wife for the meal she prepared?” What would each of us see for the first time that might want to change?

By Lois Wedl, OSB