Daily Meditation for April 16, 2024

Sister Bonita was removing plates from the steamy hot dishwasher. She carefully took two plates at a time and placed them on the storage stand. Her movements contrasted those of others who de-rack quickly and noisily. When Saint Benedict says monks are to meet and treat all as Christ, we can extend his reference beyond people to include things (Rule of Benedict 53:1). All are guests of God in creation. All are sacred, created by God. All share God’s light and life. All carry the “divine DNA” (Rohr).* Benedict urges that things are to be treated as vessels of the altar (RB 31:10). All beings carry the purpose of serving and praising God. These include creatures such as stones, ants, cats, computer paper, water, cleaning supplies and telephones. The shared sacredness of all creation makes us one, kin to each other. Together we praise God.

*For more information on this topic see Richard Rohr: “How can Everything Be Sacred?”

By Mary Reuter, OSB