Daily Meditation for April 15, 2024

You probably don’t remember a 1958 movie, entitled “Run Silent, Run Deep.” Thinking of the title of this 1958 film in another, contemporary context is ironic. We run a lot, but we are hard pressed to find either silence or depth. We’re weary of hearing the reasons why this is. We are surrounded by channels of instant communication, technological advances, mobility, a flood of news and noise, and so much more. We know that we have created this fast, noisy world. And we know that it isn’t adding to our inner peace or personal focus. Throughout history, many of the saints and mystics discovered and taught that silence is a necessary and indispensable practice for those seeking to know the deepest realities of life. Despite the pull toward noise and superficiality, we can run toward silence and run toward depth. This is how and where we will come to know our true self as it is embraced in the deepest love—the love of God.

By Christian Morris, OSB