Daily Meditation for April 11, 2024

The days of Lent and Easter are just over. During those days, it was easier to be conscious of the need for prayer and penance in our lives. However, as Christians we should have a spirit of prayer and penance in our daily life. It is easy to put it on the back burner and forget about it. During these weeks, we can continue our emphasis on extra prayer, by doing a little extra every day.  Maybe it means praying at least one decade of the Rosary or taking 10 minutes to read a section from the Scripture for the day and apply it to your daily life. Little bits of penance can be part of daily practice or weekly practice. Practically, deny yourself some pleasure like not eating a dessert one day, by giving something to the poor and the homeless, or by being patient with the events of life.

By Betty Larson, OSB