Daily Meditation for April 10, 2024

A gift of flowers can express love, affection, gratitude, beauty or some sort of celebration. They may be given as a sign of the thoughtfulness or remembrance of some important event in one’s life. All flowers may have some of the same qualities like petals, stems, leaves, and yet each has its own uniqueness. Do you have a favorite flower? Why is it special to? What does it remind you of or how has it affected you at some point? It is apparent that all persons have similar qualities; however there are external and internal qualities that make each of us unique. How would you describe your unique qualities and those of a special friend? Is it the uniqueness or likeness that attracts you to each other? What a creative God we have. Bringing my love, affection, gratitude and beauty to the world is my unique way of praising God. May each of us have the grace to bring ourselves to God with thanksgiving.

By Michon Lanners, OSB