Daily Meditation for April 5, 2024

A gift of spring cleaning is encountering treasures of the past. Going through a china cupboard, heirlooms are touched, as are the dear ones who once loved us into life. On walls and in niches are found trophies and plaques. Not only is an early victory remembered, but also the growth of maturity and character which in time won even greater respect. Yellowed letters discovered, draws one to sit and feel again the blessing of the writer. Adornments drawing the eyes to beauty around a room conceal strong bonds of affection and each carries a story of that love. A Christening dress is found and a prayer offered for that child of God. Spring cleaning many not be meant to stir nostalgia. Yet in being mindful of gift and giver, gratitude is aroused. One wonders what others will fondly touch in a future cleaning, feeling there the blessings we left behind for them.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB