Daily Meditation for April 3, 2024

Some say that people are divided into pickers and pickees. The pickers look over the crowd and choose people to date, befriend, chat with at a party, or have on their team. The pickees, on the other hand, stand there uncertainly, looking hopeful, but fearing that they will be left standing on the playground after all the teams have been chosen. Fortunately for all of us, our prodigal, endlessly loving God picks everyone. Everyone is on God’s team, a chosen person. All people are God’s chosen people. Not everyone knows this good news; they feel themselves abandoned, even by God. But the Thief on the cross next to Jesus knew it; Peter knew it. Maybe even Judas learned it in his last moments. Perhaps part of what it means to spread the good news of Easter is to remind ourselves first, then our friends and neighbors, and then people in the far-flung world, that we are all in God’s tribe and on God’s team, playing in the field of the Lord.

By Mara Faulkner, OSB