Daily Meditation for March 25, 2024

We are entering Holy Week, the final stretch of Lent. Are you feeling dispirited? Often, we begin Lent with good intentions about finding ways to draw closer to God, but after all these weeks the spirit of conviction has worn off. It may help to consider that today, March 25, is the date which the Church chose to mark the Annunciation, when we remember how Mary freely gave her assent to become the Mother of God. She was simply open to God. This is the moment when Christ first enters time. Now in Holy Week, we look back and see his entire journey through his human life. Let’s learn from Mary and open ourselves to where God is leading us. Feel the darkness; it means we are traveling with Christ on a path of suffering. Recommit to this path, with the faith and trust of Mary, because it leads to the glory of the resurrection.

By Karen Rose, OSB