Daily Meditation for March 20, 2024

Sister Ellen edged her way to the dishwashing station in the monastery with eight goblets safely standing on her walker. Suddenly Sister Abby swung ahead with dirty dishes, cutting off S. Ellen’s intended route. Frenzied energy whirled around S. Abby. She seemed unaware of the impact of her intrusiveness. S. Ellen’s inner temperature of impatience rose; her dialogue within herself accused and blamed. She stood back and waited for S. Abby to leave, anticipating she would take her upsetting energy with her. As S. Ellen waited, breaking glass caught her attention. A goblet had slipped from its home position on the walker and now lay shattered at her feet. Questions arose for S. Ellen later: “Did the goblet break in reaction to S. Abby’s and my negative vibrations?  What are effects of my negative energy in my daily events … of my positive energy? When negativity stirs, how can I intercept it and turn it positive?”

By Mary Reuter, OSB