Daily Meditation for March 14, 2024

These days of Lent are a call to conversion through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Usually fasting brings thoughts of giving up food. It can be more comprehensive than this! What are the things in your life that demand too much of your time? Is it the computer, your cell phone, your iPad, your TV? These are areas in which fasting from some screen time can give us more time to pray and reflect on the message of Jesus in the Gospel. As you heard in the Gospel recently, God said, “This is my Son; listen to him.” How do you listen? Each day, take five minutes to sit quietly and listen for God’s message; take 10 minutes each day to read a chapter from the Gospel; use a Lenten reflection booklet for prayer; take time to pray with your family. This “fasting from electronics” to make time for prayer can be another goal of Lent.

By Betty Larson, OSB