Daily Meditation for March 6, 2024

Catholic Sisters Week is celebrated annually from March 8–14. Religious sisters share their lives with others by educating, providing healthcare, advocating for justice, and offering support to those in need. Is God calling you or someone you know to religious life? Religious sisters were not born knowing this was their calling. They, like everyone else, had to pray about it, and more than likely, had to wrestle with the decision before eventually saying yes. It is not a one-time yes, but a daily recommitment. To discern if God is calling you to religious life, pray and listen for God’s voice, which comes in varied ways. Do research. Visit religious communities. Talk to religious sisters and learn their stories. You will find they are not much different than you. We are all discerning and listening for God’s voice. God loves us unconditionally and will lead us to inner happiness and peace.

By Catherine Duenne, OSB