Daily Meditation for March 1, 2024

A dog was chasing a rabbit but soon fell behind when a crow watching the chase said to the dog: “Look at you. You are much bigger and faster, but the rabbit is outrunning you.” The dog replied: “It is one thing to run because you want to catch something; It is another matter entirely when you run to save your skin!” Saving our skin is a major concern for Americans as we spend millions on oils, creams and soaps to save our skin and to look younger. Now that Lent is upon us, are we as zealous about saving our souls as we are about saving our skin? What would happen if we invested at least as much care and concern on our souls as we do on our skin? Spending 40 days tending to our souls may prove to be very helpful and life-giving. Can we give it a try for the rest of this Lenten season?

By Joyce Iten, OSB