A New Lent

Just recently, I read someone’s description of what Lent includes or means. The reason I was struck with this passage was that it met my own thoughts lately. I have been trying to figure out how my Lent could be different this year.

Every year I just let Lent start and follow along trying in some ways to consciously eat less for meals, but not to deprive myself, in particular. I do not feel the need to suffer especially. And yet, I want to be aware that it is Lent and that deep down I really do want to do what any good Catholic “should” do. Right.

So, what about sweets? They are my downfall. I think I deserve something sweet every day. If I do not have a dessert at one meal or other, shouldn’t it be part of a snack? Those who are “older” are allowed to snack a little, I have determined. So, a little sweet is okay, not?

Actually, I recently acquired a new journal, a very nice black, elegant-looking journal, and wanted to save and use it just for Lent this year. This way if I keep it for a special Lent, maybe I will treat Lent more clearly defined and followed? I could be fooling myself, but maybe not because I have in mind that it be special, special as in 1924, beginning on February 14, of all days!

The entire plan had not yet formed in my mind. But I see now that if I keep track of the days of Lent in this new, elegant journal, I might have kept a newly minted, mindful six weeks of Lent, rather than the half-hearted come-what-may sloppy days of Lent of the past few years.

And, lastly, I could let you know how it went!

Mary Jane Berger, OSB