Daily Meditation for February 8, 2024

Powerful telescopes are giving us spectacular and incomprehensible images of stars and galaxies. They also show us that out of chaos, stars are “born.” These phenomena might remind us of Christ’s promise of a new creation (Col. 3:10–11). We might be moved to be more steadfast in  hope, resolute in efforts to do our part to help the new creation become a reality, committed in watchfulness for glimpses of light, and patient in waiting for the fullness God intends for all creation. The current chaos in our world, within ourselves, and our local situations call us to go toward the light. Each of us might ask: What light do I see? What does it illuminate? What light do I shine to others? What am I helping to illuminate? How am I contributing to the new creation? Perhaps pursuing the answers to these questions can accompany us on our Lenten journey.

By Mary Reuter, OSB