Daily Meditation for February 2, 2024

Shortly before February 14, Ms. Jordan asked her sixth graders what they were going do for their  parents for Valentines Day.  Jackie immediately popped up with, “It’s no use asking them because it’s just the same old, same old—’Just be good to each other.’ So, we just get them a box of chocolates or something and they seem happy.” After a few moments of silence, Ms. Jordan asked, “What if you’d surprise them and give them what they say they want? Just be nice to each other!” Some looked blank, but Rachel immediately suggested that they could write notes on decorated pieces of paper sharing something he or she was going to do for each one in the family for Valentine’s Day. Moments later, the classroom was buzzing with ideas about how they were going to give their parents the gift they wanted: being nice to each other.

By Lois Wedl, OSB