Daily Meditation for February 1, 2024

Fellowship after Mass in Latino communities has a charming twist. Often “Rosquilla” (a large lightly frosted Mexican sweet bread) is served with hot chocolate. Baked inside the bread are a few uncooked beans or small plastic figurines. One indulges in the delicious bread, but with care not to chip a tooth. If you happen to get a piece of the bread containing the bean or figurine, it is your turn to furnish the treat for the next fellowship! The custom underlines the fact that we all need to take our turn for the sake of the community. For we go to God together. Some of us feel that our turn comes too often, yet we have learned long ago that Life is not fair, and we do know that kindness and good deeds are the only way to follow the Master of all Goodness.

By Judy Kramer, OSB