Daily Meditation for January 25, 2024

In the lively Gospel of Mark, the miracles and wonders worked by the Lord abound. Jesus seems to enjoy His work of preaching and healing. In Chapter 5, the woman who had been ill for 12 years has spent her money on cure-promising remedies and sneaks close to Jesus hoping for help by just touching his robe. When Jesus feels that “power had gone out from him,” he then searches for the person who benefited from that power. The secret of the healing He clearly claims is not so much His power as her faith. Her faith inspired her to try one more time for relief. Her faith propelled her to push forward in the crowd, praying as she went, believing that her health could be restored. Our faith too can keep us from giving up, giving out or giving in: for He may be surrounded by a crowd but, He does grant us some kind of power through our faith!

By Judy Kramer, OSB