Daily Meditation for January 24, 2024

Do you remember learning to read back in grade one? It felt so good to hold that book in both hands, recognize the words, and understand their meaning. Then we could either pronounce the words orally or simply silently connect with the message. Reading is a skill we’ve been using daily since then. In fact, for many of us, reading is what we do most of our days. Newspapers, emails, websites, reports, written material in a variety of forms, much of transmitted electronically. It’s easy to forget how happy we were when we first were able to hold that book, turn the pages, and get the story. Maybe we can recapture some of that joy if we read a real book with a cover and pages to turn. We can go at our own pace, savoring the words and the writer’s skill without the need for electronics. Have you read a good book lately?

By Margaret Michaud, OSB