Daily Meditation for January 23, 2024

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning” (Meister Eckhart). We are well into January now and, for many of us, those New Year resolutions of living a healthier life and becoming a better person have started to slip. Meister Eckhart reminds us that we do not have to be shackled by previous failure. Who we have been does not define the person we can become. As children of God, we have free will and we can choose moment by moment either to become builders of the Kingdom or to ignore God’s call to be sources of love and light in the world. Instead of dwelling on what we have done wrong or failed to do, let’s resolve each morning to live this day searching for new beginnings and opportunities to be coworkers with God. Give thanks that every single morning is a gift from God and be brave enough to begin again.

By Karen Rose, OSB